Blaydon Bricks 36, Houghton IIs 12

Saturday 10th January – Blaydon Bricks 36, Houghton IIs 12

Scorers Trys; Goggle, Ryan, Keith, Stu, Matt G, Savs


Conv; Damien 3

Thanks to Houghton who came through with 12 players just to get a game and thanks to Ian, Windy, Keith, Strachs and few other for playing for Houghton. Also great news that lad who got hurt only had muscle injury, hope he gets back on the pitch soon. Highs and Lows

  • Blaydon forwards were well on top and made great yards
  • Good running from Matt, Savs, Goggle and Liam in the backs
  • Short balls to Matt were making big yards
  • Harry on break, good offload to Goggle and then Ryan who runs in the try
  • Goggle takes a high ball and makes a good break, offload to Horse who got stripped of the ball
  • High ball, Stu calls majestically and then Oops, think he was using Keith’s hands
  • Stu redeems himself when he follows up a penalty kick and steals the ball which is whipped out wide for try
  • Second half Keith and Windy are sent to play for Houghton for sarcasms in the changing room before the game, revenge is sweet.
  • Kick off ball between Horse and Ryan, who just looked at each other ‘which way did it go!’
  • Near the end of the game, stoppage near the sideline and Phil Rayson takes a load of stick for still being clean
  • Keith bowls Horse over by rolling Adam into him, so funny
  • Windy gets thrown out of the line out and dumped, well he was on the opposition

1. Finnas. 2. Keith Winter 3. Ryan. 4. Horse 5. Adam knox. 6. Harry   7. Stu 8. Windy 9. Liam 10. Sav 11. Damien 12. Matt Goodhall 13. Phil Rayson 14. Paul Dingley 15. Craig Barlow