Ryton IIIs 10, Blaydon Bricks 41

Saturday 17th January – Ryton IIIs 10, Blaydon Bricks 41

Scorers Trys; Matt Goodhall, Divers 2, Finnas, Knoxy, Sam

Conv; Sam 3

photes: https://www.flickr.com/photos/26086313@N08/collections/72157647182482669/

With Gosforth not able to field a side we picked up a fixture against Ryton at short notice and set off with only 17 players available. Our 3s had no game but in the knowledge that Ryton had 3 games on the day, we went with a true Bricks side. We had two newcomers playing they first game;

Sam at flyhalf, who we found behind the bar at the club, having stopped playing football recently, who showed really good potential.
Neil who just walked in to the club on Thursday night looking to play social rugby at second row, which was a great help on the day and another player for the future.Our thanks to Paul Winter who played for Ryton to keep the game as contested scrums
Highs and Lows and no apology for abit of a pick on Keith day, but he made it so easy:

  • Blaydon forwards were well on top and the backs running just mesmerised the Ryton defence, game was cut short by about 10 mins and Ryton were running out of players
  • Keith goes down on the ball and rumour has is the knock on was from his belly
  • Matt G had a field day running at the Ryton backs who didn’t seem to want to tackle him at speed, he went blind for the first score and ran in from 30 yards
  • Sam did well and orchestrated things in the backs, short ball to Divers and he went through the middle to score
  • Matt G picked up a ball just outside of our 22 and took off through the middle of the opposition, passed to Keith, well that was the end of that.
  • Knoxy made a number of good breaks from the kick off (and Ryton Continued to kick it to him) off loaded to Sam and then to Divers for his second tray.
  • Next kick off, same combination Knoxy sets off, passes to Sam, who just about gets his head knocked off with a high tackle.
  • Keith steals a ball sets off down the side line, great 20 yd break and…. drops it right in front of me.
  • Then a surreal moment, Ref signals Ryton 22 drop out, our forwards line up for a scrum on the 22 (no clue why) Ryton take teh 22 and only one there, again right in front of me is Damien, who goes up for the high ball, gets it completely wrong and throws it forward into the arms of the Ryton winger, who sets off.
  • chester made some good breaks through the middle
  • Same players different combination; Sam, Divers and Knoxy scores
  • Sam chips just inside our half, chases and collects to score.
  • Matt G sets off, off loads to Keith who is then stripped by the smallest guy on the park.
  • Keith then loses one against the head, his Paul hooked it from under his nose.
  • Matt G sets off another 50yds run and is took down and winded by the same small lad who stripped Keith.
  • Last try was again a blindside move from a ruck, which thank fully missed out keith (who insists he as involved) to Damien to take it in the corner.


Next week is the home game against Northern (who turned us over heavily in the first fixture) who are second in the league, with Bricks in top spot. http://northumberlandrugbyunion.com/clubs/county-leagues/river-blyth-league


1. Finnas.

2. Ian Bennie (Keith Winter)

3. Ryan.

4. Keith Winter (Neil Gray)

5. Adam knox.

6. Matty Bell (Ian Bennie)

7. Stu

8. Windy

9. Liam

10. Sam Hedley

11. Damien

12. Chester

13. Divers

14. Craig Barlow

15. Matt Goodhall