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Bricks lose out to Wallsend XV

Roving reporter update by Nic


“A Game of Two Halves”- the classic cliche rings true again as Colts provide some pride -Nicholas Eatch SportsByte

Blaydon Bricks welcomed Wallsend to an autumnal Crow trees Riverside pitch.

The opposition strengthened by the absence of a first team fixture certainly looked the part. Adorned in green and gold they came out of the stalls akin to rampant J P McNammara stallions, and quickly dominated Blaydon.

Blaydon suffered at the hands of some weak ‘D’and were caught out a couple of times by simple kicks over the top. In contrast, Blaydon’s normally super consistent fly half James Murray had left his kicking boots somewhere unknown and wasted good possession and territory on a number of occasions.

To be fair to Murray he certainly held his hands up after the game in a speech full of passion and humility. Two of the essential ingredients of any successful team.

The combination of missed tackles and lack of drive gong forwards saw the Wallsend scores coming thick and fast.

Cameron Richardson, Bricks hooker, unfortunately had to come off after a collapsed scrum left him with neck injuries and was replaced by Luke Tonks who was itching to get in at two.

Joel Atkin had already been withdrawn after 20 minutes and was replaced on the wing by Billy. Barlow. This added a little more zip into defence and helped the young colt Max Robinson – playing his first game for the Reds – who had done his best to plug gaps in Blaydon’s back line but despite his best efforts and others Blaydon trailed at half-time a thumping 0 to 31!

This was the time to show that cliches only become cliches as they contain large elements of truth. Rugby is a game of two-halves.

Inspired by their coaches wise words at half time, as Winters and Miller ripped into them – eyes gradually lifted from staring at the floor to looking with a sense of determination at each other – as a sense of pride needed restoring if this score was not going to end in embarrassment.

Thankfully due to a great turnout by the Bricks squad, Blaydon’s management were able to make whole scale changes as the second half beckoned.

With five colts now on the pitch – Jacob, Joey, Kieran, Mathew and Max – right from the off a new determination was heralded in.

Other changes saw Peter Davison and Lee Guest come into the centres where they showed great grit taking the crash ball and stopping the crash ball time after time. Unfortunately on occasion they were isolated and inevitable turnovers – an area for the Bricks to work on at the breakdown.

Ewan Lowry brought further aggression to the flanks and Mark Hall and Paul Elwood bought fresh legs into the second row.

Blaydon captain Murray even found his kicking boots with a number of superb penetrating kicks; taking full advantage of the slight downhill gradient that the riverside pitch afforded the home team in the second half. Stuart Bailey back from two years on the sidelines looked angry and inspired at nine, and kept the phases ticking over, even if it meant at times walking over the competition.

In fact the injury count now swung around with Wallsend losing one of their players with a suspected broken arm as pride in D and aggression in attack was vigorously reinstalled.

After a long period of sustained phases of pick-and-go forward attack, Blaydon went over with a delighted 17 year old Jacob driving over from close out and Murray making the conversion on 51 minutes..

And from the 41st minute that is where 75 percent of the second half was played out, in Wallsend territory. The relentless pressure started to cause the visitors some disciplinary problems when their 6 feet 6 inch second rower -who had been dominating the line-outs in the first 40 – was yellow carded for a dangerous tackle.

This seemed to infuriate the opposition’s scrum half – who was very vocal throughout the game as many number 9’s are! Cliche confirmed. In fact at one point he looked certain to see red as tempers flared but the referee was extremely lenient with him.

However, rather than Blaydon manipulating ‘the niggle’ to their advantage, a couple of scruffy mistakes led to Wallsend on 58 minutes going through in almost mirror like fashion to Blaydon’s try.
Their number ten converted, 7 all second half.

…and that is how it stayed, despite touchline heroics from Max at fullback , a broken nose for Jacob and a whole lot of pride for five young players and their parents. Without doubt the five colts gelled brilliantly with their wrinkled, but wise, Bricks cohort.

Blaydon just needed to stay slightly calmer on the floor and clear out faster at the breakdown. If they had of done this the second half was definitely there for the taking.

After the game some tempers flared on the red side of the fence but that is what rugby is – passion – and both the combatants have that passion in abundance and friendship was and will be quickly… and wisely restored.

So although the match was a defeat on the scorecard – for the Blaydon players and their watching faithful, it certainly didn’t feel that way in the end.

A game of two-halves indeed.

1) Chris Davidson
2) Cameron Richardson (Luke Tonks – 40)
3) Kieran Duffy
4) Matthew Johnson (Ewan Lowry – 15) (Paul Elwood – 40)
5) Steve Sewell (Mark Hall – 40)
6) Robert Pyle (Jacob – 40)
7) Joey Davidson
8) Paul Dagglish (Ewan Lowey – 60)

9) Stu Bailey
10) James Murray (C)

11) Joel “the fuzz” Atkin (Goggle (Craig Barlow- 20)
12) Andrew McAdam (Lee Guest – 40)
13) Kieran “Charlie” Sheen (Peter “the” Bath – 40)
14) Peter Davidson (Hopey – 40)
15) Max Robinson



More Kicking Tee Bishop? Brave Blaydon Bricks kicked into touch by Auckland’s young Academy heroes.

Blaydon Bricks 13 Bishop Auckland 21

Match report from the southern softie Nic, who sat in the car away from the cold and rain for some of the game…

A cold, wintery and drizzling day welcomed Blaydon’s visitors – Bishop Auckland – who made the trip up the A1. Saturday October, 2nd, 3pm kick-off Crowtrees.

With two wins on the bounce, coming against South Shields and Winlaton from the previous week, the Bricks were quietly confident going into this contest.

Blaydon had strength in numbers with a full bench despite missing a couple of key players, notably Joel Alexander.

Lee Guest, 35, inside centre and Blaydon’s Captain- was asked if his team would miss Alexander’s services. Would it be like Barcelona without Messi, Argentina without Maradona?

Guest didn’t make a retort only giving a wry smile – but you could see in his eyes how he really felt about Alexander.


Blaydon came flying out of the blocks first after 3 mins. Mark Todd, 27, second row, looked more like a wide receiver in the Gerry Rice mould ; performing aerial acrobatics to keep the ball in play before quickly recirculating.

James Murray,29, Blaydon’s talented ten, then went on a dazzling trade mark run, only to be stopped five-yards out, when Damien Shaw, 35, was hit by a rocket splitting tackle in two and spilling the ball forwards, knocked on.


Great Auckland defence – everything doesn’t start with a D – but it should -but that it would make it “Deverything” which is not a word – kept the Bricks at bay, after a fantastic rolling maul down the right.

In fact, it took a full eight minutes, before Auckland crossed the half-way line, as Blaydon dominated the opening exchanges.


Paul Daglish, 34, Blaydon number eight, went on the first of many superb runs, handing off for fun but the Auckland D stood firm.

Some great D from Blaydon’s diminutive right-winger Dingley, 43, kept Auckland out after a kick over the top; Dingley propelling his legs up-to top speed to kick the ball dead to keep out the visitors.

Murray, 29,then from the resulting drop out after the ball rebounded back , intelligently kicked into space over the top. In a race against a young Auckland back, with nothing then between the ball and the try line – apart from space to run – glory beckoned.

However, the younger defender [and fresh out of the academy] had the legs, but Murray realised this, using his brain to hold back and supported by Bricks Captain – and soon to be first time father Guest – did their joint best to win the ball on the floor, but still the Auckland D held firm, like a scene from Rourkes Drift. Surely the Auckland thin blue back line would be breached by the Blaydon fattened and primed red line eventually?

Unfortunately on 20 minutes Blaydon lost their young scrum-half, who appeared to have disc-located his shoulder, exiting the Riverside pitch in considerable pain. His replacement three times his age and half the height – the wiley old Winlaton fox Wharton, 49, who is enjoying a loan spell.


First blood actually went to Auckland, as the Blues on 24 mins found their number 8 going over in the corner, despite a fantastic tackle at pace by Matt Robertson,23, at fullback , he was outnumbered by attackers.


The Auckland try was followed up by a superb conversion from the touch line from the tightest of angles and in driving rain by the Auckland kicker – the oldest player on the pitch at 62. Well I say on the pitch, but he literally came on the pitch to kick like an NFL kicker and then back off to the dug out.

This Auckland silver fox could have made it in grid iron had he born the other side of the pond by the look of it. He would go onto not miss a single kick – all game.

The game then started to flow back and forth , with Guest seemingly defying gravity with airborne tackles.

Bricks tight head prop Chris then smashed through the Auckland D on a pure run of strength, bulldozing like a runaway Tonka toy – all 20 stone of his frame hurtling through their lines – only to be stopped within three-inches of the oppositions try line. Most of you players know and feel how agonisingly close that is – a small failure!


However, the Auckland D finally caved in, when on 34 mins Guest went over directly between the posts after phase after phase of Bricks forward play, to see Blaydon go level at 7 all … well you would have banked on it being 7 all but after a ‘dust up’ over a kicking tee Murray – whom up-to that point had been faultless -fluffed his kicking lines, putting the ball between the posts but unfortunately for the Bricks, below the bar. The Bricks trailing at the end of the second half,5 to 7.

Sadly the Bricks lost one their best players at half time as back-rower Todd retired broken with a shoulder injury.

This was a real shame as Cameron, Richardson, 22, Bricks bright young hooker, had been consistently finding Todd’s 6 feet five inches very useful in the line out, with pin point accurate throws, throws straighter than a Phil Taylor tungsten dart that had singled out the agile number 7.


As the second-half neatly arrived so did a late Bricks player, as their legendary prop, Italian Mario Summer pulled up. Summer with his cascading mane of hair, a player who plays very much on the edge of brilliance or the bullet- with a disciplinary record which is just that – a record.

Auckland’s discipline was starting to let them down. Could Blaydon capitalise on this poor discipline; off-sides, high tackles and answering back and penalty count mounting by their mistimed high tackle were putting Auckland under pressure.


By the end of the game they would notch up a whopping nine penalties against Blaydon’s meagre two.

However, the first and only time that Blaydon capitalised on Auckland’s poor discipline was when Murray atoned for his earlier conversion failure to kick a penalty -straight on – but still probably a good 35m out. Giving the Bricks the slenderest of leads at 8 to 7. Should they have gone for goal more often?

The lead would sadly though for Bricks fans last two mins as on 55 mins – and in the move of the game – magic play by Aucklands star 18 year old centre – saw him put in a grubber, perfectly placed, destroying our back line for pace on this occasion and he chased through and after to score in the corner.

This saw the return of Aucklands silver fox and specialist kicker, with another incredible conversion to take the lead 14 to 8.


One thing about this Bricks side which no one can deny is spirit. With players Craig Oliver, Robert Pyle, Matt Robertson; you can see that spirit in every position and corner of the pitch.

So when on 61 mins Kieran Sheen 29, came marauding through with his low centre of gravity perfectly timed run, after an equally great tackle breaking run by Blaydon Man of the Match and number 8 Paul Daglish, to score in the left corner it was no surprise.


Sheen finished off the try with total brilliance, side stepping his way to points. A selectors mistake not starting him? A conversion would have seen Blaydon take the lead.

Unfortunately though, despite a good effort, Murray couldn’t convert from out wide. Although he had the distance the wind – which was starting to gust – got hold of the oval, taking it off course leading Blaydon trailing by one.

Blaydon 13 Bishop Auckland 14

Only great Blaydon D kept the visitors out with Dingley making a third try saving defensive last ditch race and toe poke grubber kick into touch.


On 71 minutes Richardson had to leave the pitch through injury leading to the late arrival of Summer.

Summer certainly did arrive, with pushing & shoving breaking out within two mins over a spat when the opposition did not give the ball back quickly enough following another Auckland penalty, thus denying a quick tap-and-go.

This was followed up by a blistering line ran by Summer after some great work on the ground doing the dirty work nobody sees. He looked like he was heading to score – the only thing stopping him though was he failed to take the ball with him.

With the ball bouncing up into the arms of Auckland’s winger who ran it all the way back to score. This was followed up by the inevitable. A pinpoint conversion from Auckland’s specialist kicker – making it three touchline conversions to seal the victory 21 to 13.


Captain Guest buoyed the team with an inspirational message as his defeated players circled around, locked arms and attitudes at the end of what was a very enjoyable and closely contested game.

He asked his team to reflect on the fact that with only an eight point deficit could his side have made better use of their penalty awards and conversions that they may just have walked away with a W.

But Whatever and Wherever you looked today, everyone was really a Winner as Winter felt like it had arrived today at Crowtrees… and with not a ‘petrol tanker’ in sight – there are not too many of those W’s in the World of Wrugby thankfully – please excuse the ‘cockney rhyming.

  1. Chris Davidson
  2. Cameron Richardson (Mario Summer)
  3. Kevin Lamb
  4. Liam Beck
  5. Stephen Kane
  6. Craig Oliver
  7. Mark Todd (Rob Pyle)
  8. Paul Daglish
  9. Thomas Reay
  10. James Murray
  11. Paul Dingley
  12. Lee Guest
  13. Peter Davidson (Mark Hopewell)
  14. Damien Shaw (Kieran Sheen)
  15. Matt Robertson

BRFC – Return to Training Update – June 2020

Blaydon RFC – Return to Training Guidance – 8th June 2020

The RFU has issued guidance on what we can and can’t do as we start to return to being able to train in a restricted form. There will be a slow progression back to normality dependent on government guidance. As a club we want to encourage our members to stay fit and maintain interaction with the club and their fellow players.

In order to do this we have undertaken a Risk Assessment (RA) and developed mitigating actions to look to ensure the safety for both players and coaches.

Club Responsibilities & Actions:

In line with RFU Guidance the club will:
• Brief all coaches on the RA and ask them to sign to say they will manage the session in line with the RA
• Social Distancing (Currently 2 metres) should be maintained at all times
• Training is allowed in groups of no more than 6, and if under 18 one of those 6 has to be a coach.
• Up to 4 groups of 6 are allowed on the pitch at any one time, maintaining separation from the other groups present, with the field clearly separated into sections.
• Washing of hands and/or use of hand sanitiser before, after and at regular intervals is essential. All coaches will have hand sanitiser to allow the session to take place.
• Sharing equipment or balls should be kept to a minimum and the equipment should be cleaned before / after each session, including cones.
• A first aider should be present at all sessions but the first aider should stay 2m away unless absolutely necessary. First aider should have PPE including gloves and face mask
• There should be a 15 minute gap between each session finishing and the next session starting to allow for safe access and the cleaning / removal of equipment.
• The use of toilets should be kept to a minimum but if necessary use of hand sanitiser should be used when entering and leaving the toilets / clubhouse.
• Entry and separate exits for the AGP will be clearly identified by signage.
• The club should be notified of all sessions, with a list of who attended

Player Responsibilities:

• Anyone who is looking to train should perform one of the following:
o complete a consent form and hand/submit to coaches
o send an email to Subject: Blaydon RFC – return to training guidance – 8th June 2020
o Click following link and ‘approve’ within (Online link currently not available yet)
Above advises you have read this club guidance and will comply. Under 18s need their parent/parents to sign the consent form.
• You will be issued a group to train in along with 5 other people – this will be decided by your coach and will relate to fitness/position played. Once you have been allocated a group you can not change it
• You should only train in this group scenario once every 24 hours
• Each player should wash their hands for a minimum of 20 secs. or use hand sanitiser before, after and at least once more during the session.
• You should arrive ready to train as there are no changing facilities
• All players and coaches should bring their own water bottle and should not share that bottle with anyone else.
• Unless asked, you should bring nothing else onto the pitch

Any breach of any of the above will result in a player or players being asked to leave the session and abstain from subsequent sessions until coaches and safeguarding officer are comfortable that there won’t be any re-occurrence.

An update on the Youth Section’s return to training will be posted soon. You can either email the club or print and sign a copy of the document, the online option is expected to be available after the weekend. If you need a copy of this form then please do not hesitate to contact the club. Regards BRFC

BRFC Scrummaging on Three Fronts this Weekend

BRFC have three senior sides playing this weekend, all away from home:

BRFC 1st Team v Billingham (A) Kick Off 2.15pm

BRFC Georgians v Billingham Lions (A) Kick Off 2.30pm

BRFC Bricks v Sunderland 2’s (A) Kick Off 1.00pm

The Georgians and Bricks play in the Candy and Blyth Leagues respectively and we wish all three teams well #pumpthecrow

Finally a special mention to BRFC U15’s who are playing Bishop Auckland RFC away in the semi final of the County Cup on Sunday Kick off at 11.00am, please pop along and support the youth. Good Luck men, further updates on this exceptional squad to follow next week.

Bricks Rugby News

Saturday 11th January North Shields Crusaders 26, Blaydon Bricks 35

Bricks finally got back to league rugby and came up with a win. First of all, let’s start with an apology to North Shields, with injuries and unavailability we were unable to field a front row, which is a very strange position for Blaydon Bricks to be in, our strength is normally in its set piece. This had to be one of the youngest, most mobile Bricks team to ever take the field, so the uncontested scrums were certainly an advantage to the Bricks on the day, on the positive side, both sides got a game.


League:     not updated from December yet!

Great to see:

• Debut from Liam Hills coming through from the youth set up
• Michael Sturla guested for Bricks in the backrow
• Hopey has returned from Oz, with a head of hair that needs to be seen, see photos
• Steve Sewell making a return, for his first game of the season

Highs & Lows:
• The wind was a major factor and hampered any attempts at backs flowing rugby
• Bricks took a while to capitalise on the wind advantage in the 1st half, Crusaders knew exactly how to play in the 2nd half, down the hill, with the wind, kick it into the corner and being only a score down at half time must have thought the games was there for the taking.
• Justin and Paul (from his injury position) brought great focus to the team and galvanised it into a force that would have beaten most teams on the day!
• Our backrow; Michael, Steve and Justin were all over the park and didn’t let Crusaders have time to think
• Adam secured good lineout and with Matthew got around the park like a 2nd backrow.
• Great to see Liam make such a contribution in his first senior game, a lot more to come from this young lad.
• James ran the game from flyhalf and with the lines and power of Peter and Divers gave Crusaders a hard time all game.
• It wasn’t much of a day for wingers attacking play, given the wind, but in partnership with Matt our back 3 defended very well in the 2nd half against the numerous long kicks and ran it back to link up with the rest of the team.
• Nic showing us his thumb after the game and asking someone to pull, it….. played for some time with it and thanks to North Shields Physio for straightening it. All after I gave him so much sh1t about crying off a load in lats few games…. Team player! Well done.

Overall a great team display, although this was not a team used to playing together, they jelled quickly and ran the legs off the Crusaders, who lost the 2nd half with advantages of going down the hill and with a strong wind.

• Trys: Matthew J, Matt R, Divers, James & Justin
• Conv: James 5

1. Nic Eatch
2. Cameron Richardson
3. Liam Hills
4. Matthew Johnson
5. Adam Turnbull
6. Steve Sewell
7. Michael Sturla
8. Justin Clarke
9. Mark Hopewell
10. James Murray
11. Craig Oliver
12. Peter Bath
13. Phil Divers
14. Joel Atkin
15. Matt Robertson

Brick Appeal for Buchanan Room Refurbishment is gaining momentum

Blaydon RFC brick appeal in aid to raise money to refurbish the Buchanan Room (downstairs bar to left of staircase) si proving very successful, with a number of Bricks already on the wall at the club for future generations of rugby players to see.


The price of the wooden brick with your name on is £50 and the bricks will be placed on the wall as you walk into the clubhouse.


If you are interested please contact Paul Strachan (, 07881 803147 or via Messenger on Facebook) providing payment and details of the name to be engraved.


Many thanks for your continued support.


Wooden Brick AppealWooden Brick Appeal

Saturday 30th November – weekend rugby

Saturday: Blaydon Georgians (2s) v Wharfedale 2s at home 2:!5 KO

  • Blaydon 1s – no game this weekend
  • Blaydon Spartans (3s) – no game this weekend
  • Blaydon Bricks (4s) v Percy Park Pumas – cancelled due to weather
  • 4:15 Novos 3s v Berwick Bears on AGP


  • RFU – England Counties U18 – North Programme on AGP 10am to 4pm
    • Durham U18s v Lancaster U18s 11-30am
    • Cumbria U18s v Cheshire U18s 1-30pm
    • Northumberland U18s v Yorkshire U18s 3-30pm
  • Youth / age grade activity – Everything off due to weather


Bricks Rugby News

Saturday 28th September – Blaydon Bricks 55 v Blyth IIs 19


Normal service resumed for the Bricks, thanks to a number of people:
• Chris Davidson was up home, so got his boots back out for Bricks game
• Cameron, recovered from damaging his arm, enough to turn out and play
• Joe Melia showed up with pies and donuts, no meringues, but next best things
• Craig Oliver managed to free himself
• Damien Martinez finally managed to play a Bricks game, each previous times selected he was pulled onto 2s/3s
So we turned out a side with some subs and were just about ready to take the field when:
• the Spartans (3s) realised the reason they couldn’t count to 15 wasn’t counting ability, but the fact they were short of a player….. so Andrew Strachan went off to play for the 3s.
• Blyth announced they only had 13 players, so Craig played one half and Joel the other and we played 14 a side.
• Thanks to Craig and Joel for playing for Blyth

• Joel got his first try of his rugby career, shortly followed by his second, although he did seem t try to convince the referee that she shouldn’t give it… both well finished
• Our set piece was dominant, with Stu Bailey taking the lineouts and with afront row of Damien M, Joe Melia and Paul Winter starting, Blyth were in for a hard afternoon.
• In defence Joel decided to throw a ball to Justin, who was a few yards in front, but decided to catch it anyway
• The Blyth 8 must of thought he was in for a good afternoon, big lad with ball in hand, he went one way Strachs put him down, he went the other Justin put him down and then he took on our scrumhalf, who was Stu, so down he went again, he ran into Joe Melia and Keith Oliver came on the 2nd half and battered him as well, such was his afternoon to continue, eating grass.
• Chris D seem to love being back in a Blaydon shirt, storming around the pitch, making yards and hits.
• I (Bruce) forgot to take on the kicking tee again… eeeehhhh well, never mind!!!!
• James Miller played 10 and had a good game, then fell foul to one of the things his dad (Windy) always encouraged, in the 2nd half, once the backs drop the ball twice, the Bricks forwards don’t give it to them again…. Normally the scrumhalf just gives it to the backs anyway, but as it was a forward in that role, the backs opportunities were limited in the 2nd half unless they were supporting the marauding forwards in open play.
• With James moving to 10, Savs was free to roam from fullback, Blyth really didn’t know where he was going, or for that fact most of our team, they certainly couldn’t stop him.
• Damien & Peter control the midfield and Peter again ran through defenders
• David Reay ran in a good try and had a number of strong runs
• Justin was everywhere, Stu Bailey was hugging Blyth players, Paul Winter just went about his business ensuring Blyth always knew he was present.
• Damien M obviously didn’t put enough into his game, as he was in support to score the last try, well ahead of a number of the backs.
Well done to Blyth for coming with 13 to get a game, they never stopped chasing and competing and should have had a couple of more scores.
Next weekend is a Vets cup match on Friday night, so Bricks take a week off and return on the 12th against Houghton Boars, we’ll need a full squad for that game.

Not many photos I’m afraid, need a photographer ..Click here 

Trys: Joel 2, David Reay, Joe Melia 2, Savs 2, Craig Oliver, Damien Martinez
Con: Savs 5

1. Paul Winter
2. Joe Melia (Cameron Richardson)
3. Damien Martinez
4. Chris Davidson
5. Nic Eatch (Keith Oliver)
7. Justin Clarke
8. Paul Strachan
9. Stu Bailey
10. James Miller
11. Joel Atkin (Craig Oliver)
12. Peter Andrew
13. Damien Ameer-Beg
14. David Reay
15. Savs

Saturday 14th Setember – Rockcliffe Rangers 33, Blaydon Bricks 17

Bricks Rugby News

We delayed the start of the Bricks season as we always seem to struggle to get people off the couch for the first game, as the week started, this looked a sound decision and things were looking promising, then it all went pear shaped:
• We lost 4 players to the 2s; Damien Martinez, Guesty, Stracks & Vinnie
• Rockcliffe put us on the geeeeet, geeeeet big AGP
• Our thanks to  Andy Turland & Windy for turning out (from early retirement) to help us get a team out
• Rockcliffe 2 V Alnwick 3s got cancelled – meaning no draw on Rangers players to play up

So, 13 valiant men went off to Rockcliffe, Rockcliffe kindly loaned us 3 players, I know 13+3 makes 16, but one of theirs who started for us got injured, our thanks to Rockcliffe and more importantly Alex Scott, David Graham & Dave Hill who played for us.

Highs & Highers:
• Many of the Bricks took knocks, loads were using cold spray and playing on.
• Andy Turland, came out of retirement to help the team, broke his arm, tried to play on and had to be escorted from the field, in the vein of the Monty Python knights sketch…
• Keith Oliver offered us 20 mins and played all four 20mins, as he would, and will no doubt not be able to walk properly for at least a week.
• Cameron stepped up and volunteer for hooker, but WBR decided the great big looking prop on the side-line, wasn’t right to prop that day and we played uncontested. Cameron put ball into lineout straight, but I’m sure Keith can coach that out of him!
• James Miller made his debut at scrum half and put himself about, playing with his dad (Windy) for the first time

• Paul Winter was everywhere and without doubt, (it’s written in the match report so is unquestionable) legally, spent time educating/persuading Rockcliffe players their constant stopping the ball coming back to us was, at least inconsiderate, bordering on just, well naughty!
• Divers and Savs had them mesmerised with lines of running, very few straight….
• Peter Andrew Bath battered through the centres making good yards, while Damien A-B in the centres made good yards avoiding contact.
• We thought we were in for a quiet-ish day with Guesty going with the 2s, but Joel stepped up, constantly talking, asking irrelevant questions, it was like having a mini-me Guesty. Joel, well done in your first full game of rugby and only 2nd game of rugby.
• Nic looked at the team sheet, did well for a southerner and counted to 13, realised it was going to be a long afternoon. He never faltered, played the 80 and left nothing out there, welcome to Bricks rugby Nic.
• Justin was like a man possessed, he was everywhere, tackles, turnovers, wrestling for the ball, annoying WBR and was deservingly our MoM

Windy walking one of the Rangers players to one side, after he tried to pull Jame’s head off was not discrete at all.

The only negative on the day (outside of the injuries) was I kept forgetting to take on the kicking tee, but that pitch was so big I was tired just running (well trotting) the water on…

With ball in hand Rockcliffe couldn’t handle the Bricks and if it wasn’t the first game of the season, with the mistakes that come with it, spilling possession, etc, if we’d lost 2 instead of 4 players, this could have been a win, Rangers were please to kick the ball off in the end to end the game.

Couldn’t be prouder of the team who took the field, Rockcliffe will have known they’d been in a game and would have been hurting Sunday from a very physical game.


Trys: David Graham (WBR), Divers, Savs
Conv: Divers 1 – it surely would have been more with a kicking tee!

1. Paul Winter
2. Cameron Richardson
3. Keith Oliver
4. Nic Eatch
5. David Graham
6. Justin Clarke
7. Windy
8. Andy Turnalnd
9. James Miller
10. Savs
11. Joel Atkin
12. Damien Ameer-Beg
13. Peter Andrew Bath
14. Dave Hill / Alex Scott
15. Divers

Blaydon RFC, in collaboration with RFU introduce Walking Rugby on AGP at Crowtrees

‘Walking Rugby’ is increasing in popularity, improving fitness levels in a safe environment and enjoying the social activity around it. The game is mixed gender, suitable for ex-players, players rehabilitation or non-players who want social exercise and for all abilities.
Take a look at the overview on video click here

Past Players also welcome: 

Just when you thought your rugby career may come to an end one day, ‘Walking Rugby’ steps in as a real consideration for people who want to:

  • Rekindle past friendships with teams mates
  • Join new teams and build that camaraderie only taking part in a team can achieve
  • Meet new friends with like minded people
  • Get out the chair, do some exercise and have a pie & pint/gin/prosecco


As the name suggests, running is forbidden as is passing the ball higher than shoulder height. There are also no high tackles – or indeed any tackles – and, crucially, no contested scrums, rucks or mauls.
Instead players are allowed to hold onto the ball for no more than three seconds before passing, keeping the pace moving and giving the other team an opportunity to intercept. No running allowed.


Walking Rugby complements the other rugby variants we offer at Blaydon, with O2 Touch and contact rugby also available. Walking rugby is for anyone and over. Sessions are adapted to cater for all backgrounds and experiences of Rugby. Veterans of the game are welcome as are newcomers.


Your first two sessions are free, to introduce you to the sport, after that:

  • the one hour session on Thursday morning is free as its sponsored by RFU
  • the evening session which will take place at 6pm on either Tuesday night will have a nominal charge (£3) per person to cover the hire of the AGP and provision of certified coach to run the session.


All equipment is provided. Participants must wear suitable clothing, bring some water and as sessions will take place on artificial grass pitch; moulded, plastic or metal stud boots are required.


The Walking Rugby sessions will be delivered by a RFU certified coach who will use the rules of Walking Rugby developed by Age UK.
Coaches received Older Peoples Champion training developed by Age UK. This is a condition of delivering Walking Sports. The feel of the sessions will be very much social and fun, whilst providing physical activity. Sessions will last one hour.