Saturday 28th September – Blaydon Bricks 55 v Blyth IIs 19


Normal service resumed for the Bricks, thanks to a number of people:
• Chris Davidson was up home, so got his boots back out for Bricks game
• Cameron, recovered from damaging his arm, enough to turn out and play
• Joe Melia showed up with pies and donuts, no meringues, but next best things
• Craig Oliver managed to free himself
• Damien Martinez finally managed to play a Bricks game, each previous times selected he was pulled onto 2s/3s
So we turned out a side with some subs and were just about ready to take the field when:
• the Spartans (3s) realised the reason they couldn’t count to 15 wasn’t counting ability, but the fact they were short of a player….. so Andrew Strachan went off to play for the 3s.
• Blyth announced they only had 13 players, so Craig played one half and Joel the other and we played 14 a side.
• Thanks to Craig and Joel for playing for Blyth

• Joel got his first try of his rugby career, shortly followed by his second, although he did seem t try to convince the referee that she shouldn’t give it… both well finished
• Our set piece was dominant, with Stu Bailey taking the lineouts and with afront row of Damien M, Joe Melia and Paul Winter starting, Blyth were in for a hard afternoon.
• In defence Joel decided to throw a ball to Justin, who was a few yards in front, but decided to catch it anyway
• The Blyth 8 must of thought he was in for a good afternoon, big lad with ball in hand, he went one way Strachs put him down, he went the other Justin put him down and then he took on our scrumhalf, who was Stu, so down he went again, he ran into Joe Melia and Keith Oliver came on the 2nd half and battered him as well, such was his afternoon to continue, eating grass.
• Chris D seem to love being back in a Blaydon shirt, storming around the pitch, making yards and hits.
• I (Bruce) forgot to take on the kicking tee again… eeeehhhh well, never mind!!!!
• James Miller played 10 and had a good game, then fell foul to one of the things his dad (Windy) always encouraged, in the 2nd half, once the backs drop the ball twice, the Bricks forwards don’t give it to them again…. Normally the scrumhalf just gives it to the backs anyway, but as it was a forward in that role, the backs opportunities were limited in the 2nd half unless they were supporting the marauding forwards in open play.
• With James moving to 10, Savs was free to roam from fullback, Blyth really didn’t know where he was going, or for that fact most of our team, they certainly couldn’t stop him.
• Damien & Peter control the midfield and Peter again ran through defenders
• David Reay ran in a good try and had a number of strong runs
• Justin was everywhere, Stu Bailey was hugging Blyth players, Paul Winter just went about his business ensuring Blyth always knew he was present.
• Damien M obviously didn’t put enough into his game, as he was in support to score the last try, well ahead of a number of the backs.
Well done to Blyth for coming with 13 to get a game, they never stopped chasing and competing and should have had a couple of more scores.
Next weekend is a Vets cup match on Friday night, so Bricks take a week off and return on the 12th against Houghton Boars, we’ll need a full squad for that game.

Not many photos I’m afraid, need a photographer ..Click here 

Trys: Joel 2, David Reay, Joe Melia 2, Savs 2, Craig Oliver, Damien Martinez
Con: Savs 5

1. Paul Winter
2. Joe Melia (Cameron Richardson)
3. Damien Martinez
4. Chris Davidson
5. Nic Eatch (Keith Oliver)
7. Justin Clarke
8. Paul Strachan
9. Stu Bailey
10. James Miller
11. Joel Atkin (Craig Oliver)
12. Peter Andrew
13. Damien Ameer-Beg
14. David Reay
15. Savs