Saturday 13th January – Blaydon Bricks 24, Berwick 50


Knew it was going to be a hard afternoon when Berwick turned up in force; with a bus, squad of about 25, about a dozen spectators, you guessed it, no first teams fixture……

The score did not do this Brick’s side justice, Berwick had pace to burn in the backs and finished off every opportunity they had. The Bricks with a changed team again, made a couple of wrong decision or dropped a ball at the wrong time, we were a little rusty, otherwise it would have been a lot closer. Good that we had a few backs returning from games out and Stu Bailey helped, starting in the centre for us.

This was a good performance from the Bricks, when a team brings the amount of pace Berwick did we were never going to win, but everyone stuck at it, played for each other and the Blaydon Badge. It’s the league, I’d take a defeat every game (league not cup) if the team worked as a unit, supported each other and played like that every week, reality is not many teams could have beat us on Saturday, certainly non in our league would have. Paul Winter summed it up well at the end, ‘this was a passionate, committed performance from the Bricks and he was immensely proud of everyone and the overall performance’ totally agree.

Anyway really enjoyable game, we sent Berwick home knowing they had been in a game and there was some big hits put in all round the park, they would have had some bruised bodies on Sunday…..

As it happens we scored 4 try’s and get 4 points to help our league position.


Try: Keith W, Strachs, Liam & ??

Conversion: Alex 2


Pictures: sorry again from me, just did not get many taken, come back Finnaz….



  • Alex Twinn made his first start of the season at flyhalf after taking time out to work on his house
  • Divers was back after a few weeks out
  • Stracks clattered the flyhalf as he hesitated with the ball and came down right on top of him, you could hear the wind come out of him, my recommendation – don’t show boat in future!
  • Bricks always looked dangerous with the ball in hand, good interplay within the backs and forwards and linking between both.
  • Liam made some good hits, got cut in half in return but finished his try well.
  • Keith stole a short range try from Paul, at least that’s how the factual match report goes……
  • Brick’s forwards made good yards taking the ball on and controlled the set piece.
  • The 2nds finished early and 4 lads came up as they knew we had no subs and came on halfway through the second half as we started to feel the pace, thanks to Alex, Andrew, Cameron and Nathan
  • Mind haven said that, we didn’t score anymore points after they came on…. true fact but probably not related..
  • Got to mention, what we can only assume was expected to be a miss ‘7’ move…. Cameron smacked Divers on the side of the head with a pass, when he was a yard away… it bounced off his head into a Berwick players path and he was off…


  1. Paul W
  2. Keith W
  3. Stephen P (Alex Dodds)
  4. Keith O (Arran Poad)
  5. Steve S (Andrew Steinburg)
  6. Arran P (Stu Bailey)
  7. Justin C
  8. Stracks


  1. Liam
  2. Alex Twinn.
  3. Craig O  (Nathan Johnson)
  4. Stu B  (Cameron Coates)
  5. Divers
  6. Damien S
  7. Hopey