Saturday 16th September – Westend 28, Blaydon Bricks 15

One that got away……..

Should have known things could go wrong, when the forwards introduced spelling into the line out calls – no one jumped on the first practice as both worked out it was the other’s ball…..


Game started well with Blaydon forwards taking the ball on, keeping possession from Westend and our backs making good yards with some good lines of running. We were soon two scores up and it could/should have been more.


You could tell it was early in season with a number of mistakes being made, balls dropped, running across the pitch instead of forward/direct, but we were on top and looking to our first league win. A yellow card gave us a bit of a set back and Westend took advantage and scored a try, although very good defence from Blaydon kept them out time after time.


Half time gave Westend the opportunity to bring on fresh legs, unfortunately we started the game with only 1 sub and not longer after half time we had 3 walking wounded; Harry, Keith O and Steve Palmer who given we had no subs remaining had to carry on.


There was an apparently deliberate trip, for one of their trys’ but given it was Dingley 2 on Divers we really couldn’t complain to the ref….


This is going to be a hard league this year and this was one that got away, but for a couple subs with fresh legs!



Trys: Harry, Knoxy & Hopey


  1. Steve Palmer
  2. Keith Winter
  3. Tom Hirst
  4. Will
  5. Keith Oliver
  6. James Knox
  7. Mark Todd
  8. Harry
  9. Stu Bailey
  10. Savs
  11. Steve Sewell    (Hopey)
  12. Chester
  13. Damien A
  14. Paul Dingley
  15. Divers