MATCH REPORT – Blaydon Red Kites 74 – York RI 5

Well I will tell you, this game was ONE TO WATCH. Your Red Kites took on York for their final game of the league and it was spectacular from start to finish. The weather was geet lush, the girls looked amazing and the rugby was on fire.

I missed the first two tries, both by Emily Bowman and one converted by Rachel Best (Besty) as I was getting a gin from the bar (in the words of Kirsty Patterson (KP) “it’s Spring Break”). They were tries from Emily, we all know they would’ve been spectacular. Luckily, we all quickly saw some try scoring action as KP ran through York players like an excited child down the Easter aisle, offloaded to Emily who then scored whilst Besty converted it. The action was all too much for Hayley Hope as she split her pint when Lauren Hendry was lifted like angel in the line outs. The crowd easily had over 250 people supporting their local female rugby team (we absolutely ADORE you all) who were screaming BIG SCRUM BLAYDON. Absolute scenes. You then had Kate Miller wiping players out, Jo Gartland running lush lines up the wing, Victoria Barrow (VB) tearing though the defensive line. There was just carnage from all viewpoints. Toni Robinson (T) immensely scored two tries followed by two scrumptious tries from KP, two converted by Besty. In the words of Salt N Pepa and Adam Houston, the Red Kites ‘pushed it real good’ in those fierce, strong scrums. Jolene Ellwood and Lauren Hendry tackled and turned the ball over allowing KP to pass to T who scored. Try converted by Besty.

Half time – 50-0

The second half started with Emily tackling low and a big scrum on Blaydon’s try line. You stop to chat for one minute and the next thing you know, Besty appears from nowhere, pegging it down the pitch who passes the ball to T! T then catches the ball in the air and darts it over to score. The try was not converted but some blokey on the sideline described the game as a ‘massacre’. The bomb squad were then released to add some extra flair to the game. Lauren, Nicole Irving (Coley) and Jo tackled many players to defend however a little sneaker sneakerson snuck through and York scored. Try not converted. KP responded by picking the ball up from the back of a scrum and booping it over the line. Try not converted. The next try was an actual masterpiece as Besty handed the ball to T, who passed to KP who then passed it back to T to score. Try converted by Besty. For the final try of the day, Sonni Stuart pushed through players then KP took the ball from York’s scrum and scored. Try converted by Besty.

Full time – 74-5

Absolutely no thanks for this match report goes to Texas or Paul Strachan, who found it absolutely hilarious to say that I’d missed tries (howay, there were loads) when my finely crafted tally chart was actually accurate.

A massive thank you to York for coming up to play against us, those girls are some of the lushest people you will ever meet. Many of us bonded with them whilst waiting for chips after the game. Well done on your season, you’re all legends.

Well done to every Kite that put a shirt on for this game and every game of this league. You have all played absolutely amazingly, put so much time and effort into your sport and should be so so so proud of everything you have achieved this season. For many players, believe it or not, it is their first season! We are still waiting to find out if we are top of the league but we will keep everyone informed☺️ Thank you to the gorgeous coaches for all their time, hard work and patience too. Thank you to everyone that came down to support us. It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying themselves and we are so so thankful. Up the Kites.