Ionians out Muscle Blaydon

Hull started off their season really well and within 3 minutes they scored with good hands in the backs and the ball finding its way to Hull winger Sam Wilson to score in the corner, the conversion was missed by Lewis Minikin.

Both teams cancelled each other out for the next 10 minutes until Blaydon went offside in the maul, from which Hull kicked to the corner.  The subsequent catch and drive was well controlled by number eight George Newburn who scored, conversion again missed by Minikin.

Blaydon responded well and from a good kick into the corner, Blaydon won lineout which led to an excellent short burst by Alex Clark who fed Will Varley on an excellent line to score near the posts which was easily converted by Clarkson.

The next score came from a Blaydon mistake at their own lineout. The resulting scrum created an opportunity blind for Ionians scrum half Sam Pocklington who fed in Winger Josh Britton to score an easy try in the corner again unconverted.

On the half hour mark, a poor Blaydon clearance fed the Hull counterattack, this was started by winger Sam Wilson, and the ball found its way to full back Jack Townend who scored near the posts and this time Minikin was on hand to convert.

Half Time:  Blaydon 7 v Hull Ionians 22

Blaydon started the 2nd half much the brighter team, an infringement by Hull was taken quickly by John Clarkson who fed Dan Marshall who evaded several defenders to score. Again conversion by Clarkson was successful.

The next score was again by Blaydon, which came from good aggressive run from Alex Charlton, which fed the ball out to the backs which again got the ball to Dan Marshall who scored under the posts, taking the score to 21-22, Game on perhaps?

Frustratingly for the home team although they pushed hard for the next score, they found themselves with a lineout on their own 22 metre line, which Hull won and mauled all the way to the Blaydon try line, with Hooker Stephenson touching down for another unconverted try.

So both teams very much in the game with 10 minutes to go, but it was Hull who put the game beyond the home teams reach. This time indiscipline cost Blaydon who were marched back by the referee to the 5 metre line, and from the scrum the ball was fed to winger Britton to score his 2nd try, this time converted from wide out by Minikin.

Full Time: Blaydon 21 v Hull Ionians 34


REFEREE:   Dan Wood


STAR MAN:  Ionians – Jack Townend



Blaydon  21

Tries:  Varley 15, Marshall 43, 59

Conversions: Clarkson 16, 44, 60


Drop Goals:


Hull Ionians 34

Tries:  Wilson 2, Newburn 11, Britton 19, 79, Townend 32, Stephenson 68

Conversions: Minikin 33, 80


Drop Goals: