Dennis Jewitt – message from Dale & Kyra, please contribute a story or picture. If you send to club email account and we will forward.

From Kyra, on behalf Dale & Kyra

My lovely Dad’s funeral is next Thursday (12th) at 3pm at Gateshead Crematorium. We will then be going to Eslington Villas for his wake and to raise a glass… or four to this wonderful man.

We hope that anyone that had the pleasure of knowing him (or by default through Dale or I) will join us to say a final goodbye and celebrate his life.

Dad asked me to make sure you all knew that you should wear what you feel comfortable in. He loved colour and while black is by no means banned, he asks that it doesn’t just become your uniform for the day.

I have decided to make a memory book for Dale Jewitt and I to keep. Everyone that ever met Dennis Jewitt tells me some kind-hearted or very very dodgy story from work, rugby, Uni or family-related, about him and they have always brought smiles to our faces and we would like to collect them to make something beautiful.

A Picture (of an event, of yourself, of Dennis, of an object or place)


A memory / accompanying story (in any format) if it is on a napkin or post-it note or typed up and two pages long ANYTHING GOES.

PLEASE SHARE so this reaches all of his friends and spread the word.

Love Kyra and Dale x x x