Blaydon Bricks 7, Ryton IIIs 40


Bricks had a bad day at the office and came off 2nd best against a strong Ryton 3rd team. On a day where Ryton had no 2nd team game, they sent a very strong 3rd team to play the Bricks and as against a month earlier, when Bricks scored 48 points against Ryton IIIs, Bricks suffered a heavy defeat in the league fixture.


Bricks had a decent side out but due to last minute cry offs a number of people were playing out of position, Bricks had little bench available, so players played on with knocks and Ryton exploited the situation.


It could and should have been a lot closer, for the first 30 mins the Bricks showed too much respect to the Ryton team and allowed a number of trys to be scored. Just before half time they realised they were not that big a gap between the sides and came back at Ryton and had good spells where they totally contested the fixture but the early trys had Ryton well in front.


Highs & lows:

  • Good tackling from Divers (Playing back row) Savs, Harry and Damien
  • Well taken try from Harry
  • Joe cover tackling
  • Savs & Chester making good yards
  • Ryan with big yards & hits
  • Joe Melia came on for us as we had a small bench
  • Grumpy, the small bench came back from injury for his first game of the season and played 25mins, good to see him back.



Trys:  Harry

Conv: Joe




  1. Ryan
  2. Keith
  3. Brett
  4. Neil ( Joe Melia)
  5. Adam
  6. Ian Bennie
  7. Divers
  8. Harry
  9. Sean Pyle
  10. Phil
  11. Joe Snowdon
  12. Chester
  13. Hopey
  14. Damien (Paul Dingley)
  15. Savs