BRFC 100 Club Winnings Update

Evening All,

BRFC’s very own Master of the Ball Bag, Stan (Peter Hails) has been in touch indicating that the 100 Club draws for the period over Lockdown have been completed, the results are detailed below.
A reminder, the prize breakdown is £100, £75, £50 and £25.

May 2020
59. T Appleton
88. Linda B
50. Pat H
19. B Strickland

June 2020
61. B Anderson
28. B Sweeney
08. P Vinnicombe
39. H Redpath

July 2020
69. M Ward
43. S Little
34. R Thompson
85. R Kilbraer

August 2020
26. Lisa L.J.
91. Howie G
57. Johnny C
02. R Bartle

Sept 2020
31. T Davidson
17. A Savoury
72. K Robinson
09. L Hogarth

October 2020
24. M Rowley
15. D Strachan
07. D Miller
78. T Guilfoyle

November 2020
32. Bob Elliot Roy
70. C Snowdon
53. T Barclay
51. R Jackson

December 2020
30. J Punton
69. M Ward
90. Barracudas
93. Mrs Huxley

Any monies due are subtracted from the winnings, surplus paid as prize. Once things return to normal the draws will be done at the club on a Thursday night monthly. Clearly it will be easier for the winnings to be paid out when the club reopens, but if you need the money beforehand i am sure something can be arranged.
If anyone wants to start taking part in the 100 Club Draw then drop me a message.