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Saturday 17th June

Saturday 17th June


AUSTRALIA V SCOTLAND 06:00 6.00pm Buchanan Suite (punters choice!)

JAPAN V IRELAND 06:00 6.00pm Buchanan Suite (punters choice!)

ARGENTINA V ENGLAND 20:15 Live in Buchanan Suite

Saturday 10th June

Saturday 10th June
1pm Buchanan Suite

6.15pm Buchanan Suite

Live in Buchanan Suite

Live in Buchanan Suite

Recorded for future showing.

Saturday 12th Nov. – Blyth IIs 0, Bricks 40

Bricks returned to league action against Blyth with a convincing display and take full league point with 6 trys and a just as important, first clean sheet.

Things didn’t start well as we got to Blyth and were told we were playing down the beach pitch and we had players arriving late. James didn’t get to the game until 10 mins into the game.

Sorry no photos, didn’t have a battery with power in it

Got some people to thank;
• Ian Bennie and Craig McBurnie for playing for Blyth.
• Steve Palmer and Derek Turnbull who made a return to rugby after 25 years to give us a bench and both fitted in great, Derek covering the wing (he’s a 2nd row) and Steve going to Prop, although I put him on as 2nd Row, he did well there.
• Rob Pyle for helping out in the backs, as we had many cry-offs

Highs & Lows:
• Team looked a bit worried at the club as 8 players went direct and we only had 19 in total
• There was competition over the 9 shirt, not because we had multiple scrum half’s, it’s the only one under XL and we had a couple of thin-ish lads, don’t worry, we still have stacks with a bit of weight on……..
• We had Mr Penny wingding at the referee, guess what we got marched backwards
• Harry lectured, rightly about pushing the passes that didn’t need to be made and losing the ball, guess what, next play he lost the ball..
• Blyth had a quick looking outside centre who thankfully hardly got the ball, when he did Rob took him.
• Stu B and Lowsey covering whipped out any half break the Blyth backs made
• Lowsey didn’t catch a ball in the line out and got dropped from up high……. Welcome to the Bricks line out, catch it next time.
• Blyth kick off following a score – up goes a shout, a Derek rushes out, out of the Blyth sky so blue… and dropped the kick off
• Still a bit too much talking back at the ref, wouldn’t you think they would have learnt by now…….. Certainly showing who would be a liability in the important games, when we have numbers and options…
• Daniel watched a ball going through his legs into touch, only he knows why, he defended it after the game, me thinks he doesth protest too much
• Damien complained about a poor ref’s decision when his score was ruled a forward pass, it was yards forward, but he continued to try defend it in the bar…. Hence it’s in the report
• Stu R, good scrum half kick caught Blyth napping and he ran (yes Stu R) 40 yards to collect it and score, how asleep were they
• Harry made a clearance kick and pulled something
• Savs, Rob and Chester caused them all sorts of problems
• Keith must have knocked on, as it was Saturday, so let’s mention it, he had a good game making yards an tackling well
• James got up to 40 minutes of play, doubling Grumpy’s time on the pitch
• James got lost going back to the club and was lost for about 40 mins, we shared the contents of his wallet (coke and 18 strays) out as we thought he was lost for ever…

Scores: Savs, Rob 2, Stu R 2 James K
Conv Rob 5


1. Keith W (Steve Palmer)
2. Craig McB. (Ian Bennie, Grumpy)
3. Brian Penny.
4. Daniel (James K)
5. Strachs
6. Stu Bailey (Harry)
7. Lowsey- right
8. Harry (Strachs)
9. Stu Reay
10. Savs
11. Derek (Daniel)
12. Chester
13. Rob Pyle
14. Damien S
15. Hopey

Blaydon 66 Hull Ionians 14

Rejuvenated in recent weeks, Blaydon were back to their best yesterday in crushing fellow strugglers Hull by 9 tries to 2, including a try bonus point within 26 minutes and a hat-trick of tries for hooker Matt Thompson.
It was not that the visitors played badly, their big forwards lacked nothing in effort but were tackled out of it time and time again, plus they had a propensity to infringe whenever under pressure and Blaydon were not slow to take advantage.
Apart from a 3 minute spell midway through the second half when out of the blue they ran in 2 tries Hull were never in the home 22, and scoring wise it was all one-way from the very first minute. In an absolute perfect start Blaydon kicked off, the visitors collected but failed to control the ball and were penalised, Andrew Baggett put the ball to the corner for Thompson to touch down from the driving maul, and it was 7-0 within the minute.
Following the next infringement they moved it cross field for a Chris Wearmouth try, and then Jason Smithson ran a clearance from half-way, Andrew Archibald attacked the line and when he was held up a short scrum resulted. Hull in full retreat pulled it down and a penalty try was awarded.
Thompson grabbed his second before Hull prop David Laverick was yellow carded for persistent infringing by his side and then 3 minutes later second-row Joseph Makin followed him to the bin for a ferocious head high tackle on James Cooney.
By the break it was 36-0, Thompson having completed his hat-trick and 3 minutes into the second period Kris Bratton had skinned his opposite number to send in Baggett for try number 6.
Hull then had their 3 minutes of glory, leading try scorer Sam Wilson crossing for 2 identical efforts, both converted by Greg Lound, but normal business was quickly restored.
Jack Davidson exchanged passes with Andrew Lawson in a swift raid down the left to add the next score, Andrew Foster went in from another rolling maul and Smithson from a short scrum to finish it off.
The rest of the points were provided by Baggett completing his splendid afternoon with 6 conversions and a brace of penalties, plus a Ryan Foreman drop-goal.

John Brennan.

Bricks run out of players and lose second half – Bricks 13, Ashington 33

Bricks suffer more injuries, following numerous cry offs during week & last minute pull outs, so players were asked to play in unnatural positions and we ended up with 12 men on the park at the end of the game. So from 8-7 up at half time we lost heavily to Ashington IIs who span the ball wide and made numbers count.

Photos: sorry raining so not many


  • Thanks to Egg from Ashington who propped for us until Paul arrived from shopping queues at the metro centre
  • Thanks also to Keith Winter for propping all game and Ian for playing hooker, both started the game limping slightly and a lot more by the end of the game. Gents fantastic commitment to the team and thank you for stepping up.
  • Jake who damaged his shoulder at Wallsend, was told it needed surgery, but as it was ligaments he decide playing wouldn’t hurt it anymore and responded to Jacks call and showed up to get a pack on the field. Another good performance as always from Jack and Jake.
  • Keith peels off the back of a line out and passed to Scotty, well ewe have told Keith before he can’t pass and he proved it as Scotty just about pulled his back trying to pick it off his shoes.
  • Jake and Toddy added real pace to our follow ups on kick offs
  • Rob made two try saving tackles
  • Stracks tip toeing down the side line from 22 metres for our second score. He was inches from the side line, although I did take a lot of abuse from Ashington who from many yards away seemed to think they knew better……
  • Poor first tackles let us down in the second half
  • We lost Scotty with a damaged ankle and Damien with a hamstring injury
  • Let’s get to Stu Reay, yellow carded with about 18 mins to go, took advice from the sideline over how much of the game was left and went for a shower.


It was a strange game, loosing the league games when Gosforth conceeded seemed to have dinted a number of people’s enthusiasm and a winable game was lost when we ran out of bodies and had many walking wounded. We have 2 key games left (Morpeth away and a double header against Ryton at home on the 29th) both of which we need to win, to win the 2nd place shield for the Northumberland Blyth league. Time to decide as a squad what you want to do, we can either go for 2nd place, or call the season and rest all injuries and start again next season.


Trys; Goggle, Stracks
Penalty: Hopey
1. Keith
2. Ian Bennie
3. Paul Winter
4. Jack Inglis
5. Windy. (Cliff)
6. Jake
7. Toddy
8. Stracks

9. Stu Reay
10. Scotty
11. Goggle. (Damien)
12. Chester,
13. Rob Pyle
14 Paul D
15 Hopey

Feast of Rugby involving Blaydon RFC teams in the next week


Games kick off on Frdiay with our 2nds away at Morpeth Reivers and our Bricks at home v Morpeth Stags, both 7pm kick offs. Followed by NZ v Georgia RWC match in the club house

Saturday sees our firsts at home to Hartpury College and our Development away at Ryton IIs.

RWC games in the bar include Scotland V SA and the big one England v Auz.



Sunday sees a full set of youth games and Ireland v Italy RWC game in the bar

Then next Wednesday, 7th October is the North Gatehead Vets 10’s Tournament

Rugby for all at Blaydon this next week, keep watching for more updates


Christmas opening hours

Please note the bar opening hours over the festive period

Xmas Eve closed
Xmas Day 12- 3
Boxing Day 12 – 6
New Years Eve 7 – Late
New Years Day 12 -3

All other days are normal hours

The Club wishes all players, members and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Bricks progress through to next round of Durham Shield

Blaydon Bricks re-assembled  their full squad for the first time since the final last year, with the majority of the squad making themself available, shock, horror!  for a cup match. The game was away at South Tyneside College (STC)  and with just about everyone available the strength of the squad was too much for South Tyneside, with the final score 0 – 60.  I’m told a great performance from both forwards and backs.

We did have a bunch of late cry offs in the backs and with the U18 lads not available, so we did take Robert Pyle from the Development with us, thanks Rob, least we could do, having played you against us in our last weeks game when you came to play for us, thank you fro your support,  everyone else was a Bricks player.

Thanks to Grumpy for looking after the side-line on the day, as I (Bruce) had abandoned the team for the weekend.


The ‘Official’ Match report from Grumpy:

A dominant performance. Pack very much in command and defence very solid so allowed South Tyneside very few opportunities. Having said that STC never gave up and also defended well for long periods. It wasn’t a walk over at all – just very efficient and focused team play where everyone played a part.


First half – Bricks had a stranglehold on game from outset. Liam had a few good runs down right and Coatsy controlled game well.  Some over ambitious handling let us down at first. Phil Divers powered first try to break deadlock. Mix up with kicking tee (Robin wasn’t talking to us and stationed himself on other touchline!) – this meant quick thinking Lowesy grabbed ball and drop kicked it over for the conversion with a couple of seconds left before it timed out!

Divers got second in similar manner –  Joe missed kick.

Finnaz got a drive over then went back to sleep having got the try he had been hunting desperately for beforehand. Lowesy took over kicking and never missed again (inc. a penalty)

Keith dropped the ball closing on the line !!!

2 more Divers tries (didn’t buy a jug!)

32-0 at half time

Pyley came on for Liam and scored with first touch – what a substitution!

Strachs on for Coatsy – Stu Bailey to scrum half and Lowesy to Stand off. Strachs made usual runs as first receiver but forgot to tell anyone else he was doing it! Did ok – it was needed.

Chester got jealous of Divers and scored 2 tries

Cliffy came on for injured Knoxy. Lasted about 60 seconds before a yellow card for being Cliffy.

Goggle on for Joe, Richard on for Keith. Pace picked up.

Rayson on for Divers who was groggy after a knock. Made a try saving tackle on one powerful STC runner

Ian on for Windy

Lowesy loitering on wing to converse with crowd got a wayward kick and ran in last try when the ball was pointed out to him. Horse then stole the ball and drop kicked the conversion. End of game. We went to Lakeside Inn for team drink afterwards.

60 – 0 final score

STC Match Report:


1. Finnas – solid

2. Keith (Richard) –   ???

3. Ryan – very impressed with him! All front row really.

4  Horse – good work horse throughout – didn’t have to nag him. Stayed the course etc.

5 Knoxy (Cliffy) – really solid game before knacked his hand

6. Harry – usual top game – steadied everything

7. Stu Bailey – didn’t see him much so he must have played well and annoyed the dickens out of STC!

8 Windy (Ian)- same as Harry

9 Lowesy  – good game but a bit hurried / inaccurate with passing early on. Didn’t leave any kicking tees lying around for people to step on.

10 Coatsy (Strachs)- very good – had some runs and distributed well

11 Liam (Pyley) – good first half with some telling runs – near to scoring a couple of times.

12 Chester – solid as usual – didn’t get a lot of opportunity firsthalf

13 Divers (Phil R)- outstanding first half.

14 Joe (Goggle) – fine but lacked confidence in himself at times- could have scored

15 Savs – solid game




Divers (4)

Chester (2)






Lowesy (5)



Penalty Lowesy


Th..Thh.. That’s all folks!








1. Finnaz
2. Keith          (Richard Pyke)
3. Ryan
4. Horse
5. Adam Knox        (Cliff)
6. Harry
7. Stu Bailey.       (Strachs)
8. Windy              (ian Bennie)
9. Lowsey.           (Stu Bailey)
10. Coatsey.        (Lowsey)
11. Joe                  (Craig Barlow)
12. Chester
13. Divers
14. Liam.              (Rob Pyle)
15. Andy Savoury       (Phil Rayson)

Ladies Day at Blaydon RFC – Saturday 11th January


Postponed – 125th Anniversary Dinner

We have unfortunately had to postpone the 125th Anniversary Dinner due to unforeseen circumstances

We will advise you when it is rearranged

Apologies for any inconvenience