Wheatley Hills 12, Bricks 12 – good result, but who could have anticipated the Trout!


Our second trip to Doncaster and a number of Brick’s Tour virgins; Trevor, Chesney, Rhys and Nathan joined us and became key members (targets) for some of the antics on the tour.

Lets cover the game first:

  • Lowsey and Nathan decide while drinking night before the debut in the backrow, which got them battered a little and put Trevor and Rhys in the centres.
  • Game kicked off and first few minutes were scrappy, lot of hungover players making numerous mistakes.
  • Imagine the surprise when the Wheatley Centres tried to burst through the middle and hit a wall.
  • First set piece seemed like it was about 5 mins in, two packs ready to go down, just waiting for the scrum half to make the ball available, that’s when we realised Stu was standing on the sideline next to me and we only had 14 men on the park.
  • It was a game of people getting the ball stripped off them; Cliff started, then Trevor, Goggle, Chester and more that I missed
  • Wheatley centre got yellow carded for 2 mins for being stripped by Chesney.
  • Horse seemed to freeze to the spot and forget how to tackled for a few mins
  • Lowsey got lifted in the line out and dropped the ball, so his lifters lost interest and ran away and dropped him, he certainly didn’t enjoy that.
  • Goggle lines up under the high ball, then leans right back and the ball hit his shin, no clue what he was doing and nor did he
  • Trevor and Rhys do a special move in the centres with Chesney, imagine the surprise on Wheatley when all 3 ran off and the ball was left on the floor, tricked them….. Think it was Rhys who dropped it but… Hard to say, it was so special
  • Chesney gets the ball on halfway and out strips the defence to score our first try
  • Our second try was an interception by Chester
  • Keith goes blind, ends up in a heap and spills the ball
  • Trevor joins the front row and goes to his first scrummage, can you imagine the opposite numbers surprise when he pulls a trout out of his pants, and puts it in his right hand as he packs down and moves its mouth to talk to the prop, unfortunately the prop did not see the funny side and responded with, “do you expect me to be intimidated by a fish” well that was silly, anyone could see it was no ordinary fish, it was a trout so Trevor slapped him across the face with it and left his right arm out the scrummage with the fish still in it and popped the prop out.
  • Trevor whipped his fishy hand on Lowsey face and hair, you can imagine how he took that.
  • Nathan decided not to tackle in the second half, guess he thought he’d met his quota in the first half as back row.


Other highlights:

  • Rhys contemplating jumping in front of a train after Paul Winter talked to him all night
  • Anth made the rookie mistake of sharing with Keith


  • Trevor’s trout shares a beer in the holiday inn lounge



  •  Stu and Goggle stay in and watch CBeebies on Saturday evening, before coming out
  • the newbies sneak off for food at 11-30 on Saturday night


  • Pool party to finish at the club on Sunday afternoon and load more beers



Really good trip with loads of antics, as you would expect. Next week Horse’s 40th game at the club


1. Scott Findley (Rhys)
2. Craig McBurnie (Keith)
3. Paul Winter (Chris Morton) (Trevor+trout)
4. Cliff
5. Joe Melia
6. Nathan (Ian Bennie) (PC)
7. Lowsey (Stu Bailey)
8. Horse. (Windy)
9. Stu Reay
10. Chesney (Lowsey)
11. Liam Bradley (Anth)
12. Trevor. (Nathan Mc)
13. Rhys. (Chester)
14. Damien
15. Craig Barlow. (Chesney)