Update on Results of the 100 club draw for July to October.

100 club draw is a key fund raiser for Blaydon RFC, thank you for your continued support. Details on the draw can be found on our website:


100 club draw results:

July – £100 to Paul Winter, £75 to K Winter, £50 to J Barlow, £25 to K Whitfield
Aug – £100 to H Gilfillan, £75 to R Kalbraier, £50 to P Hails, £25 to D Hughes
Sept – £100 to P Partington, £75 to S Davidson, £50 to A Smith £25 to Mrs Urwin
Oct – £100 to E Hall, £75 to R Eliot-Roy £50 to K Robinson, £25 to P Graham

Congratulations to the above and thank you everyone for your continued support. Prizes can be collected from Peter Hails at the club on Saturday afternoon when the firsts will be facing Cambridge and England take on the Wallabies.

The draw for November will take place on Saturday after 1sts against Cambridge