Tour game – Halifax 33, Blaydon Bricks 53

Our thanks to Halifax for playing the tour game in the right spirit and the great hospitality afterwards.



From personal point of view if i never see those two plastic ducks (if in your beer you had to neck it) that kept jumping in my pints (about 8 times) that will be a result.

Highs and lows:
• Game had an unbelievable start – Keith W was asked to throw in as Ian B was so bad in the warm up, no doubt drink related
• Bum Bum good score
• Goggle typical tour – duff drop kick
• Cookie first of what was a number of really good runs
• Winters screwed up first 2 kick offs (1 each)
• Halifax score and convert
• Dingley 1 (explanation on Dingley twins – Dingley 1 is Damien & Dingley 2 is Paul Dingley (coz lads said so)) scores after Ryan and Nathan good runs
• Another Keith Winter poor kick off
• Rugby league player (found him late in a bar night before) break finished off by Ryan
• Nathan and Anth lack of tackling on a giant winger, must have been 7st wet through
• Windy dummy, one player appeared to take it, the one that drove him into the ground certainly didn’t – oooohhh that jury skinned his face
• Joe Melia stripped by Halifax 10 and Dingley 1 does a matador, score by Halifax 10
• Keith catches a kick off………………..
• Nath break beheaded by a high tackle and from penalty Joe Melia scores
• Cookie cuts at Halifax ankles
• Another Nathan break Ryan in corner
• Long penalty Dingley 1 made right hash and its knocked on into touch
• Keith quick penalty and falls into touch – object lesson in how not to do it
• Dingley 1 goes for the catch, oh dear it’s catching, infectious dropping disease spreads between the twins
• Nath missed another tackle, Cookie saves him
• Lowsey does pass through legs, Cookie good break and Joe Melia runs in
• Cookie makes break and off loads to Windy, who drops it
• Nath missed tackle on same wing and Bum Bum shoulder barges again – looking for a rest with a yellow card
• Anth goers for tackle, oh dear
• Joe Melia chases down kick off strips ball and off loads to Bum Bum to score
• Bum Bum takes long kickoff, runs 50 yds, off loads to Joe Melia, slips it to Keith on 22 who actually looked like he was running quick, try to Keith
• Ryan stripped in own 22 by 10 and guess what Nath missed him
• Cookie rips ball and Joe Melia runs in
• Nath finally made a tackle – an celebrates with the crowd
• Cookie rips again, Keith runs 30 yards and Ryan runs in
• Ryan drops goal

Final score 33 – 53 to Bricks and let the drinking begin.