So close, but one that got away from the Bricks

Saturday 8th March, WB Rockcliffe IIs 19, Bricks 15

Scorers; Rob Pyle 2, Finnas

With the cancellation of the Border Park game we picked up a fixture against WB Rockcliff IIs who are in a league above us after being promoted last year. It was a close encounter and the difference on the day was WBR kicked two conversions and all 3 of ours hit the same post….

WBR never really looked to threaten us that much and strangely all 3 of their trys were long ranged efforts which came of our good breaks, but all 3 occasions instead of keeping calm and holding onto the ball waiting for a clear pass or support to arrive we threw silly passes, which were picked off and WBR ran away to score, 3 times, will we ever learn.

Highs & Lows

· Keith Winters knock on in plain sight of the ground
· Forward rolling mauls
· Matty Bell lifting in the line out
· Paul Winter and Finnas passes after good breaks, to the opposition
· Thacks accuracy hitting the post 3 times, one from well out wide
· Ian Bennie’s face when he was selected as hooker J
· Rob Pyle tackle on the #8, dead legged him out of the game

Next week sees us in a re-arrange league encounter with West End while the 2s & 3s are both away to Hordon in the Cup, good luck lads.

1. Paul Winter

2. Ian Bennie (Grumpy)

3. Finnas

4. Keith Winter

5. Ryan Convery

6. Matty Bell (Charlie)

7. Divers

8. Windy

9. Liam

10. Savs

11. Rob Pyle

12. Thacks

13. Chester

14. Damien

15. Craig Barlow (Joe)