Saturday 9th May – Horses XV 33, Blaydon Bricks ??

What a day at Blaydon, a bunch of guys who either left Blaydon or retired too early, turned out to play for Horse on his 40th birthday and I have no doubt the majority of them left wondering why they weren’t still playing. The Bricks were helped by a number of guests, thank you to Sam, Bum Bum, Sean Pyle, Fraser & Liam, Chesney, Charlie & Fibon for guesting, all of who had played Bricks rugby over the last 2 seasons, but it was a young side.


It took a while for Horses XV to use its size advantage and the Bricks got off to an early lead with probably one of the fastest packs we have ever fielded, certainly the lightest; with Ryan, Finnas, Adam, Strachs and Keith Winter not available. Also Paul Winter, Horse, Harry, Biglad all Playing for the opposition, boo-hiss gentlemen…..




Trys: Chesney 2, Joe Melia 2, Fraser Wright

Conv: Chesney – got 4 out of 5 conversions. I know the score doesn’t reflect that, it would make it a draw, but our linesman didn’t give one and the ref didn’t give the other and as you all know from my previous match reports, how could a referee ever get it wrong. So we have had; Chesney do 10 hours of kicking practice and the linesman, well we are looking at paying his membership at Ryton.


You couldn’t fault the young Bricks team, its tackling was immense and the big lads were felled time and time again and stolen ball was taken wide to where we had speed to burn.



So let’s come back to the score, Ref said Horse’s team won and that was the right result, maybe it was the right result for Jimmy, the day, the spectators, the club, etc. OK then, so be it, next year its not his 40th Birthday……..

Thanks to Andy Wilson for refereeing the game

High & Lows:

  • The faces of Horses team when they got sight of the young Bricks side
  • Biglad got stole on the way to the changing rooms and defected
  • Joe Melia (a prop, 2nd row and prospective centre, if Finnas had turned up) running in 2 trys from halfway
  • Nunny & Windle (Horses side) made good yards and glimpses of the past
  • Chesney showing clean pair of heels
  • Bricks ran in a number of trys by using speed and going wide so decided to take on the bigger pack and not get the ball out
  • Good to see Chris Stewart back in a Blaydon Shirt, although a red one like Bum Bum’s, rather then the blue would have matched their eyes from the Winlaton end of season party the night before
  • Goggle ghosted outside and down the line, brushed the flag and naurally under pre-2000 rules the flag used to be out, so it was disallowed, whoops said the referee afterwards, never mind eh! – well its only a game! – ONLY A GAME>>>>>>
  • We got hit by 2 yellow cards which against a heavier pack hurt us badly
  • Sean played his 5th game of the season and earned his Bricks shirt
  • We were down to 14 men, with hooker in the bin, shouts and screams went up for a hooker from the ref, the opposition and the bricks. I pointed out we only needed one when we had a scrum or a line out and we would keep our back row on until then and all was sorted. The lineout came, I offered a hooker (we had 2 on the bench) and was told no problem, our scrumhalf could throw in. Which he did very well, line out ball was tapped down to where the scrum half wasn’t and through came the opposition to steal the ball, thinking is optional on fun days.
  • Our scrum was doing a good job of holding the bigger pack, then than Paul Winter showed up and spoilt that ……..
  • Horses boots, look here, pink….


  • When I say we had a young team, these two certainly brought up the average age, both now 60+



  • More could follow ……. Sorry this game was so entertaining I didn’t write anything down, so if anyone would like to submit anything for the match report feel free, fair to say, great game of rugby, played hard, usually fair with a splattering of sailing close to the rules (2000 ones) or laws but a great entertainment for all involved.


Great time followed lots of beers, Horse singing Blaydon races and stacks people at the club asking for it to become a yearly event to close the season, Over 35s v younger ones sounds a good tradition to me.Season over, roll on start of season training … well Beer Festival anyway on 7th August