Saturday 9th January – Blaydon Bricks 59 – Winlaton Saxons 7


Application version: 1.1.2009.0130

Application version: 1.1.2009.0130

Winlaton were just unlucky to play us when we had a cast of loads available, on Thursday we were lacking a bit of depth and pace, then:

  • Ryan made himself available wanting to make a comeback after a lengthy shoulder injury
  • Josh wanted to get some game time
  • Matt made himself available
  • Toddy arrived back from sea on Friday and is still looking to get his Brick’s shirt this season
  • Stu Bailey turns up and announces he’s available, but his phone had not been working (guess facebook was on holiday)

So we had 10 subs and it wasn’t a cup match.



  • Few photos blurred as the light faded – sorry should have changed the setting
  • Photo 18 Josh and Ryan get us off and running
  • 22 looks like I caught Keith dropping the ball
  • 25 onwards is Horse’s try
  • 31 onwards – next week we’ll bring Divers his own ball, greedy gent
  • 33 forgot to take a photo of Nunny’s try
  • 38 has Stracts moving too quick for the camera
  • 39 Rodders out on the floor being overseen by Matt
  • 64 a little blurred but shows Brett’s try from halfway
  • 65 Phil is in focus, how’s that


Highs & Lows:

  • Our thanks to Winlaton who managed to get 3 Northern players to keep the fixture
  • In the warm up Craig was intercepted by Matt
  • Divers and Ryan were making good yards
  • Josh ran in the first Brick’s try and it was obvious it was going to be a hard day for Saxons
  • Nunny started with a poor pass behind Divers but made up for it with a number of breaks and one from the 22 resulted in a good score
  • Set piece had the upper hand in the scrum and the line out
  • Toddy was all over the park in the first half and Stu in the second
  • Matt almost got through a whole game, good news he’s available again this coming week
  • Brett makes a break, Horse in support, but it bounced off a fetlock
  • Cliff’s line out take was likened to a leaping salmon, well tin of that is
  • Brett’s try was well taken and ran in from half way

In the bar:

  • Anth knocked on over the try line – he protested a lot in the bar, but no one listened
  • Phil Rayson said he should have gone 10, he would have tackled the Saxon 15 at the end – that would have been his second tackle of his career
  • Keith Oliver was awarded his Bricks polo shirt for his 5th game
  • It was agreed that Craig’s line out throwing was nearly as sh1t at Keith’s
  • Keith admitted to dropping the ball twice, although he was only on for one half, which is not unusual we said, but it was actually Keith Oliver who owned up to dropping it.
  • Well the Fosters was off upstairs, so it was Heineken from 4:40-ish, it got messy, but obviously Sharon’s fault, not ours.


This was a great team performance, we made 9 subs at half time, everyone played their part, let’s keep the momentum going and try and get back up the league.


Next week there is no scheduled fixture and most teams in our league are playing, so unless someone crys off, to allow us to pick up a re-arranged league game, it will be a friendly.



Trys: Josh, Horse, Divers 3, Nunny, Matt, Goggle, Brett


Conv: Josh 7



  1. Paul Winter
  2. Craig  McBurnie         (Keith)
  3. Brett
  4. Keith Oliver               (Scott)
  5. Horse                    (Cliff)
  6. Strachs                      (Stu Bailey)
  7. Ian Bennie                 (Steve Sewell)
  8. Mark Todd                (Windy)
  9. Liam                        (Josh)
  10. Josh Simpson          (Matt)
  11. Paul Dingely           (Anth)
  12. Nunny                      (Hopey)
  13. Divers
  14. Ryan Cooper             (Craig Barlow)
  15. Matt Goodall            (Phil Rayson)