Saturday 7th March 2015 – Blaydon Bricks 49, Gateshead IIIs 7





Trys: Savs, Lowsey 2, Hopey, Richard, Ryan, Matty, Anth



Hopey, Lowsey


You could tell we were getting close to a cup semi-final, we had players coming out of the woodwork and although the 3s had no game, it was only Bricks who played on the day, apart from a short appearance at the end from Matty Bell.

This was a great team performance, with power play from the forwards and clinical running from the backs and some great finishing, bring on Hartlepool.

Gateshead match report, reports that our first kick went over and I failed to give it, have to say, busted, it was above the post, I made a judgement if the post had continued up, would it have bounced in between the posts or back into play, then I noticed it was Lowsey doing the kicking, so decision was made, no conversion. I may have got it wrong Harry was in a good place to see it, but as I say it was Lowsey.




Highs & Lows

  • Ryan and Finnas made good yards
  • Google from the Kick off had Paul’s hands and juggled the ball
  • Lowsey, Matt, Diver and Chester made big yards
  • Paul Dingley made some good tackles, but of note was his kick, on right wing, ball was kicked to him in space, he started going forward and Keith (that tactical genius, says to him kick it, probably Keith was worried he would pass to him and he’d have to run a long way) Paul kicked it, but not down the wing, it was cross field into the arms of the fastest back Gateshead had.
  • Cliff at the lick off, its out, oh no it wasn’t, he insist he was told to leave it
  • Good break, Savs, Divers, Matt on to Hopey, oh dear…..
  • Cliff drops next KO, insists he was being targeted
  • Chester goes for the interception, bounced off the tummy
  • Damien does a hop, skip, but badly
  • Good to see Craig make a comeback after serious ankle injury last year
  • Cliff goes for a 3rd KO, it is targeting, split
  • Anth gets his first try for Bricks, in the corner and wrestles everyone and refuses to move til the ref gives it – bout time…………








  1. Finnas
  2. Richard Pike (Craig McBurnie, Grumpy)
  3. Ryan
  4. Cliff
  5. Keith (Ming)
  6. Ian Bennie
  7. Stu Bailey
  8. Windy
  9. Lowsey (Stu Reay)
  10. Savs (Phil, Lowsey)
  11. Paul Dingley (Anth)
  12. Chester (Hopey)
  13. Divers (Matt)
  14. Damien
  15. Matt Goodall (Phil)