Saturday 7th Feb. 2015 – Blaydon Bricks 43, West End 10





Trys: Lowsey, Divers 3, Chris Collins 2 Savs


Conversion: Lowsey 3, Chris


Our thanks to West End who turned up short to maintain the fixture who playe din great spirit and competed through to the end. Thanks also to Richard, Chris Morton, Ian Bennie, Nathan & Anth who all played for some part for Westend.


Highs & Lows


  • Good to see Chris Collins back in the area to play a game, living in the south seems to have made him soft, he just seemed to get knock upon knock, maybe I should have let him come off with a cracked rib…..
  • Neil takes a hit and spills the ball, he’s really starting to fit in, must have been having a few training sessions with Keith on handling
  • Chris Collins try saving tackle
  • Divers through, oh no, Keith’s hands as well, he drops it
  • Good yards from Savs, Chris, Chester & Divers
  • Lowsey’s face when I put Nathan on the Westend team, sure I saw Nathan ‘abosh’ (a Lowsey word) him!
  • Chris kick and chase, get sit, offload to Stu B and Keith’s hands are back again, dropped certain try.
  • Horse, from the KO, “MINE” – oh no you guessed it, spilt it
  • Cant find anything nice to say about Keith in the match notes and it was so long ago, so let’s just say, he must have dropped a ball or two.
  • Horse & Ryan making big yards
  • 2nd half was back to basics, batter, batter….
  • Windy and Keith were dispatched to play for the opposition at half time for comments about Bruce and his balls
  • Side to side back moves were finished off in the corner by Chris, who then hit the cross bar with the conversion, took much time in the south sapping his strength






  1. Finnas
  2. Keith
  3. Ryan
  4. Neil
  5. Horse
  6. Ian Bennie   (Richard Pike)
  7. Stu Bailey
  8. Windy
  9. Lowsey
  10. Savs
  11. Paul Dingley
  12. Chester
  13. Divers
  14. Anthony     ( Nathan)
  15. Chris Collins