Saturday 30th September – Blaydon secure first league and season win against Winlaton Saxons

Normal service was resumed for the Bricks, good discipline, forwards and backs linking, players being supportive when things went wrong, ( like the passing and offloading of the lot ball by the backs) Keith knocked on a number of times, even Goggle looked like he hadn’t done a 10k run before the game, Cliff was bellowing from the sideline, any advice offered by me was ignored, so normal service resumed and back to wining ways and a weight off the shoulders as I had my first win of the season as Bricks manager (Grumpy was in the back ground reminding me he believes he’s still unbeaten ( me thinks he lost at Sunderland last year) and crediting our win to the fact he told me what was wrong last week…, I had so many Moretti I don’t even remember talking to him…. he may of!)


Thanks to Chris Morton for refereeing the game when Durham could not provide a ref. He did a good job, better than a number of referees we have experienced on our travels… but then, he’s spent his career telling refs what they got wrong!


Highs & Lows:

  • Great forward play taking the ball to Winlaton Saxons
  • Good yards from Tom, Knoxy, Arran, Keith, Harry and Stracks
  • Good earlier possession and handling had Chris loop round and score
  • Following a very good forward platform Divers took a great line through the middle to score
  • Keith pealed of back of a maul, actually passed it to Liam and Arran scored
  • What a hash we made of the kick-off; it’s your, it’s his, it’s anyone’s, maybe not
  • What were Divers and Damien A doing passing interplay, being very courteous; to you, to me, to you, to me, ……………………run man!
  • Liam coming off the back of a scrum, must have thought Dingley 2 was 6ft 6” or taller from the pass he gave.
  • Good running from Knoxy through the middle
  • Backs went blind off a set piece, Coatsey to Damien A, to Divers, Coatsey on the return to score
  • Keith felled Dale in his stride, ouch! That must have hurt.
  • Dags for Winlaton made some good runs, only good tackling kept him at bay, he was a little isolated, in need of friends, most of the time.
  • Keith to Chester, return to Keith good hands, EHHH!!!  (little bit of a juggle to entertain the crowd) to Harry and Divers scores
  • Kick through scrum and Liam reacts quickest to score
  • Goggle made a good break through the middle, out to Dingley 2 to score
  • Savs returns a ling kick offloads to Damien A and Liam scores
  • Liam did the Honorary thing and bought the jug for 3 tryst, well done that man!
  • Real Low – Winlaton have took out San Miguel and have Carling and Coors light, what were they thinking…..

Much more like a Bricks performance, great discipline, team work and determination, 1 out of 2 wins in the league.

Good to see Chris Coates back after about a season and a half following a hip replacement, caused by a clumsy Steve Kane, who fell on him. Steve walked round the pitch while Chris was playing, but disappeared (we perceive) under threat of dis-assembly by power tools!

Speedy recovery to Ian, who damaged his knee, there is some debate as to wether he was dropped by Tom and Harry or wether they just didn’t bring him down, a technicality lost on me, but I’m sure Windy would want me to say ‘welcome to his world’      – Days like this you find out that the individuals in this team would definitely put their bodies on the line, when Ian realised we had gone uncontested (while using the spectator rail to support his weight) he offered to go back on and scrummage, as long as he didn’t have to jump in the lineout….

Next week is a rest weekend for the Bricks as the week was allocated to Vets on Friday – sure a number of people will be needed to support the Development team at Ashington 2s

Final Score 68 -7 to Blaydon Bricks, Scorers:

  • Trys; Chris C 2, Divers 2, Arran, Keith W, Damien S, Liam B – jug bought, Stracks, Goggle
  • Conv: Divers 2, Savs 2


  1. Tom
  2. Ian Bennie
  3. Keith W
  4. James Knox.
  5. Arran P                   (Will)
  6. Cameron                (Arran)
  7. Harry
  8. Stracks
  9. Liam B
  10. Chris Coates
  11. Damien A             (Craig B)
  12. Chester
  13. Divers
  14. Damien S              (Paul Dingley)
  15. Savs