Saturday 27th November – Blaydon Bricks 32, South Shields 5

Normal service resumed as the Bricks turned in good performance to beat South Shields 5 tries to 1 to secure a league victory, achieve a try bonus point and maintained very good discipline throughout.




Trys: Goggle, Savs, Hopey 2 Rodders

Conv: Rodders 2

Pen: Rodders 1


Not sure what happened to Brett who was a no show on the day, so Steve P stepped up and played a whole game at front row without screaming like girlie once, well done. Also thanks to Damien S who played for SS after they ran out of subs in the second half. Thanks to Steve K who played for us as we were short on 2nd rows.


High and Lows:

  • Game started well with forwards securing clean ball and good hands through the backs for Goggle to run in our first try
  • Forwards making good yards with Keith, Paul, Stracks, Windy, etc. and Stu B getting around the park and securing ball.
  • Our line out worked well but SS had a much bigger pack and forwards did well to secure our scrum and get good ball for the backs. After a couple of injuries and the big 5 was moved from 2nd row to centre
  • SS struggled with our backs both halves, Savs, Divers and Damien A. going through the centre of their defence with good switches and lines of running and Rodders and Craig going around the outside.
  • Hopey followed up on a long box kick, which SS made a right mess of and he touched down for score.
  • Steve K in the flyhalf channel, oophs he was wearing Keith’s hand, spilled it
  • The try count could/should been higher, Goggle just stepping out as he went over and Rodder’s try disallowed following a good Damien A. break, for an alleged forward pass.

Second half:

  • For first time this season we have an abundance of backs and we changed 4 backs at half time.
  • We put Phil R into the centre against the big 5 to get some tackling practice, the guy never even ran at him and Phil maintained a clean shirt through.
  • Some good breaks by Scott H making a return to the Bricks.
  • Divers joined Stu B in the back row and the pair of them were all over the park, securing ball and putting down forwards and backs.
  • Rodders and Joe played well together both with interplay in attack and in defence with some long clearance kicks to touch from the 22. One such interplay had them pass back and forwards and put Hopey in for his second score.
  • The Winter hands struck again, with Paul or Keith, hold on it was bearded Ming look alike, it was Paul.
  • Scrumage started to dominate in the second half as SS tired.
  • Good interplay with Hopey and Savs, Savs returned the pass, but it was dropped by Hopey just short of the line, which we firmly believe was to save him buying a jug.
  • Phil R dummies taking a high ball, confuses the opposition and Joe sets off releasing Rodders to run in 40 meters
  • Rodders makes a break, passes out the side door to Joe, who’s hair was in his eyes, or something as he dropped the ball.


Summary very good win, good discipline, extra points for 4 trys and lending a player, good day for the Bricks and it’s a return match with Westend next Saturday and a chance to put things right, onwards and upwards.




  1. Paul
  2. Craig
  3. Steve P
  4. Keith W
  5. Steve Kane
  6. Stracks
  7. Stu B
  8. Windy (Divers)
  9. Hopey
  10. Savs
  11. Damien S (Paul D)
  12. Divers (Phil R)
  13. Damien A ( Scott H)
  14. Craig B (Joe S)
  15. Rodders