Blaydon Bricks 45 – West End 15


Trys; Joe. Surrey 3, Divers, Stu Bailey, Chris Collins
Conversions; Joe 5

What a difference a few players returning makes, even with some late cry offs for flue, runny noses (Mr Barlow) and runny bums….. we still had a full starting 15 with all position covered by people who played in that role.

To their credit West End turned up short to get a game and we managed to get 3 players from the 2s bench to start for them, which may have been a risky decision, but we will always play our own team when we can.

Big thank you to Grumpy for refereeing the game

This was a combination of forward power and good lines of running from the backs, highs and lows:
• Windy threw a dummy in the warm-up and all bought it, but the 8 must have seen it as when he tried it for real he got whipped out ….
• Surry second try involved him running across the back division and handing each of them off, you would have thought the 5th one would have ducked under the hand off, but no
• Chris Collins making a comeback, chipped over, outstripped the defence to the touch down, but knocked on and was followed in by Divers who did a second knock on
• Stu Bailey played his first game for us of the season and played well at scrum half
• Surrey called to see if he could get a game, why not – scored 3 trys and tackled well
• Thacks puts out, well not the best pass but well taken by Chester who put in a really good line kick
• Joe asked me to include his conversion from the side line
• Playing for the opposition, Divers puts in a clearance kick 50 yards down the pitch, fly half next week for him.
• 38 nil up at half time

2nd Half:
• Stu Bailey in own 22 runs side to side, caught, ball stripped and W.E. winger runs thro Joe doing an impression of a hologram for W.E. first try
• Chester hands off Divers, breaks thro with ball in one hand ( kids don’t copy) Divers catches him and dumps him and he looses the ball.
• Stu pass to the side line was intercepted and 2nd try to W.E.
• Input to match report from Coatsey; Thacks at half way done for forward pass, he even argued with the side line after the ref, closely followed by a second forward pass near the try line, but of course that was not forward either, Thacks shock his head off so much I thought it may fall off
• Surrey and Joe line up to double tackle the W.E. winger, good job Joe got him as Surry bit the dust clutching air……
• If the shock of a missed tackle wasn’t bad enough, Surrey then tried a bicycle kick of a ball going into touch, his tackle was closer. He had a great game but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good match report
• The versatile Paul Winter could be seen playing second row, then 6 & 7, what next, well afterwards in the bar him and Grumpy agreed to share a half each at fly half, keep an eye out for that one….
• Thacks tackles Divers and dumps him, Thacks tackling, it must have been concussion from all that head shaking
• Strachs goes with a 4 man overlap, throws a bad pass, flipped up by Windy and W.E. gets another interception try, reality, a good tackle from Joe held him up but ref (grumpy) gave it any way, as he sad he saw a ‘dab it down’ in his words

Good win with backs and forwards linking together, some good direct running and dominance in the scrums, well done. Next week we take on Blyth away, first 2:15 kick-off, they are 3rd top, so that will show us how far we have come.

Played for West End 1st half Scott Whitfield, Matt Bell & Ryan Convey, 2nd Half Harry & Divers

1. Paul Winter
2. Keith Winter
3. Charlie
4. Alex Surrey
5. Scott Finlay
6. Strachs.
7. Harry (Ryan Convey)
8. Windy
9. Stu Bailey
10. Thacks
11. Chris Collins
12. Steve Davison
13. Divers (Scott Whitfield)
14. Paul Dingley (Matt Bell)
15. Joe Snowdon