Saturday 23rd March – Ashington IIs 60 – Blaydon Bricks 12

What a difference a week makes, last week we were up on high, beating Gateshead to make the 4th Team Shield Final at Ashbrooke, Sunderland on the 6th April against South Tyneside,  a week later we were literally out gunned by Ashington IIs.
I have to hold my hands up on the preparation, we didn’t have a full set of backs, but I was told the Development had 28 players so did not see a problem, silly me, guess what, not for the first time this season, when asked, they could not help…… then went on to put 50 odd points on Novos IIs…….
We ended up with Smiler at 6ft 7inches at fullback, he wanted some fitness and certainly got a run around on the day.
The writing was on the wall, when at the kick off, Nat hit the second row row wrong, slid down him and double up on the floor with a damaged shoulder.
First half was a story of poor tackling, with attempt after attempt being too high, resulting in our players being brushed off and Ashington scoring easy trys.
Things got worse loosing Jambo with a damage knee and Keith who needed 7 stitches in a torn earlobe.
Second half was one of the proudest periods of the season, the Bricks manned up, tackles started to hit Ashington properly, knocking them back and the Bricks scored two good trys.
Injury list is a bit worrying, from the team that played in the semi;  with James Knox out – knee ligaments, Brett – fractured finger (I know he is a prop and has 9 others) Stu Reay – Hammy, Phil Divers daft bat on holiday (you would think people would know when the rugby season is) Nat – Shoulder which he could hardly move last night
Summary, a bad day at the office, write it off and play as we did in the second half for the final.
Trys Andy Scott (Smiler) 2
Conv Thacks
1.  Charlie
2.  Phil                               Keith Winter
3.  Paul Winter
4.  Windy
5.  Marge
6.  Jambo
7.  Nathan
8.  Paul Strachan – Strachs
9.  Liam
10. Thacks
11. Craig Barlow
12. Stu Bailey
13. Phil Divers
14. Paul Dingley
15. Andy Scott