Saturday 22nd Nov – Blaydon Bricks 79, Gosforth IIIs 22

Great credit to Gosforth who travelled with 11players to fulfil the fixture and never gave up throughout, thanks to Matty, Rob, Anth, Paul, Divers and Phil for playing for Gosforth.

Scorers: Windy 2, Coatsey, Chester 5, Divers, Stu B, Strachs, Finnaz, Liam

Conv: Coatsey 1, Divers 1, Stu B 4, Mike 1


Following on from last week’s cup match, the good news was we again had most of the Bricks squad available which will hopefully continue and if it does we won’t lose many games



  • Thankfully the scare/alert I reiceved on Keith having a runny nose earlier in the week disappeared
  • Windy pick up from base scrum, dummies and sets off, like he was running in treacle, but Gosforth seemed to stand off and let him continue
  • Ryan made one of his big yard runs, handed off, passed to Divers who made great break down the side line, passed into Stu, who seem to have Keith fingers, opportunity lost
  • First try from Windy on a drive over from 5 meters
  • Rob Pyle playing for Gosforth, steps aside and lets Stu over run, grinning he forgot just how quick Stu can change direction and seconds later Stu drove up through Rob and flattened him, both got up smiling
  • Finnaz and Ryan exchange in Gosforth 22, but again ball is dropped
  • Liam made one of his good breaks popped ball up to Windy who was took out by the Blaydon sniper
  • Ryan picks up Liam at back of a ruck and used him as a battering ram.
  • Great interchange between Divers and Chester feeding each other the ball for Chester to score
  • Savs takes off from just outside the 22, stopped short, feeds the ‘Poacher’ Chester, in again
  • Divers manages to hit the post from right in the middle
  • I got told off by Rob’s Mam for playing him for the opposition again…. (swapped him at half time, can’t deal with wrath of mams)
  • Another Liam break and Windy in from yards
  • Stu B break from 22, feeds Strachs to score
  • 30 seconds of crazy from Stu, he turns away as he is passed the ball, its picked up given to him and he kicks the ball back to one of our players, he’s not allowed to kick anymore
  • Chester (I’m assured although I did not see it but given it’s in the match report its now factual) breaks through, realised how far the try line was away so went to kick the ball and totally missed it.
  • Liam break, but being a bit greedy ignores Savs who was treading water waiting for him, but Liam got clattered, pass next time.
  • Finnaz near spectators, doing hand offs but not really moving forward, is finally pulled down and puts in a really crap spin pass along the ground as he falls, straight into touch.
  • Chester does run in from half way, he was over the moon I put Divers on the opposition so he could score the trys this week.
  • Savs break ends with Finnaz going over – Did Finnaz keep up with Savs ?
  • Liam and Rob interchange ends in Liam score
  • Paul Winter coming off with the water gets hit by the ball at the kick off, thankfully no fingers were broken.
  • Coatsey must have had concussion, he was heard to say, now the lights were fixed the Bricks could train, have the light been broken for 12 years!

1.   Finnaz

2.   Ian

3.   Ryan

4.   Keith Winter

5.   Cliff

6.   Strachs tbc

7.   Stu Bailey

8.   Windy

9.   Liam

10. Coatsey / Mike

11.  Savs / Anth

12.  Chester

13.  Divers

14.  Damien / Paul Dingley

15.  Phil / Savs