Saturday 17th September – Blaydon Bricks 48 v Bishop Auckland 3s 28

Our thanks to Bishop Auckland IIIs who stepped in late this week, after Westend pulled out of our league game and travelled to Blaydon with 13 people, just to ensure rugby took place.
Second our thanks to Ian Kelly who stepped in to referee when Durham couldn’t provide a referee.
Third – Great to get our first game completed without any injuries, but with lots of bruises and with a reasonably good turnout we were able to loan players to Bishop, thanks to Divers, Ian B, Strachs and Joe.
And lastly our thanks to Mrs Damien A. for the interim match report on Facebook, so well received by Cliff.
Trys: Stu B 2, Harry, Stephen, Damien A, Divers, Stu R
Conv. Joe 3, Divers 1
Match highs / Lows:
• First games for Damien, Daniel, Stephen and Tom – well done to all and welcome to the Bricks – 4 more games for your polo shirts.
• 30 seconds in, good break but combination of pass and catch results in Stu R dropping the ball
• Another good break by Stu R & Stu B but last pass to Damien didn’t give him much chance
• Backs continued with good breaks and Stu Bailey who was all over the park popped up with our first try and he added a second a little later
• Harry standing off took the ball in from 20yds for our second
• Keith Oliver intercepts 9was hanging around in the oppositions line really) offloads to Strachs and Stephen scores on his debut.
• Damien good break, pass dropped by Chester (Damien’s new so it was Chester’s fault)
• Steve S – a story of two kick returns, first he points to a bird in the sky and looses it, second special teams in NFL would have been proud of, after another good return Bishop stopped kicking to him
• Ah yes and the forwards did some stuff…. good line out, taking on, but tackling, solid scrum, etc
• Scrum went to pot on first scrum when Keith went in second row, but he was very tired after a 30m break when he was pleading with Bishop to catch him.
• Second half Divers swapped sides and made some good breaks, which way did he go, Joe?
• Good break through the centres, 3 man overlap, ignored and stopped short
• It was a warm day, good for spectators and fitness levels as I left all the older players on for a full game.
Sorry not many photos I keep forgetting to take them, anyone want to be photographer feel free

Next weeks’ game will be a friendly as no scheduled game,

1. Tom
2. Keith. (Grumpy)
3. Daniel
4. Windy
5. Stephen Atkinson.
6. Strachs (Ian B)
7. Stu Bailey
8. Harry
9. Stu Reay
10. Joe S (Divers )
11. Steve Sewell
12. Chester
13. Damien
14. Dingley II
15. Phil Rayson