Saturday 13th Feb. Ponteland Pythons 7, Blaydon Bricks 46


It was a freezing cold day, the pitch was covered in mud and water and we had both snow and rain, had people like Nunny questioning his return from retirement..


It was so cold and wet couldn’t make many notes on the game, so here is what I remember feel free to chip in with some additional bits:


First half:

  • Nathan caught everyone napping on both sides and took quick penalty and ran in un opposed and unsupported
  • Ball as on the floor and Chester looked to go down, it was so cold and wet I think he was hoping it would not be necessary, in the end it was like watching a giant oak being felled as he secured it
  • Hopey, as full back joined our defensive line and was surprised when Pont. Chipped over the top, to where the full back wasn’t. In the bar he insisted he still got to it, my challenge, does that make it right
  • Subs started a mutiny, they decided the team on the pitch should play the whole game and ran off to the changing rooms, coming out just before half time.
  • Windy broke of the scrum, throw an outrages dummy that their scrum half ignore and picked the ball out of Windy’s arms and ran away with it
  • GB had problems with the length of his arms in ratio to his girth again and failed to catch a ball, it was explained in the bar, again, his arms were too short…
  • Nathan and Toddy made tackles all over the park
  • Craig’s line out was worse than Keith W, never thought I would type that
  • Brett for some reason kicked from half way, you’re a prop lad, take it on.
  • Just for the sake of consistency, Stracks ran off unsupported and lost the ball in contact
  • Nunny made good yards in the centre
  • Anth was lapse in his role as Waterboy…… shouting tip your head back and open your mouths, so still not found what he’s good for…..


2nd Half:

  • Size/Weight of the pack increased a little …….
  • Chester went on a couple of mazy runs to warm up
  • Harry scored 2 good #8 trys but knocked on a howler when over the line
  • Lots good interplay between forwards and backs, one looking promising that Finnas dropped
  • Cliff got free in the middle of the park, only 60 yards to go, his face was a picture and down he went within 5 yards, to secure the ball from players coming into the area…… He means to save running too far.
  • I think Anth got one, so he now has 2, 1 more than Hopey…
  • Pack was totally dominant by now, combination of fresh legs and increase in size, Paul & Craig insisting they had warn them out
  • Stu B claimed his try was due to him bulking up, must have been in the gym or something, a bit less bulk and he may have got the second
  • Let’s come back to Anth he took a number of catches and made good yards, starting to look more like a rugby player than a hair styling model…… But he did cut inside when the guys carved him an over lap out, think how P’d Hopey would have been if you’d scored 2


Next week; 20th we are at home in a league double header with Medical Serpants and the week after 27th we have Winlaton Saxons at home in the ¼ final of the cup



Trys: Nathan, Stracks, Harry 2, Stu B, Chester, Stu R & Anth

Conv: Hopey 1, ANOther 1, Damien 1


Sorry no pictures

  1. Brett                   (Finnas)
  2. Craig McB         (ANOther)
  3. GB                        (Ryan)
  4. Keith Oliver.      (Cliff)
  5. Steve Sewell     (Toddy)
  6. Stracks               (Ian Bennie)
  7. Mark Todd       (Stu Bailey)
  8. Windy               (Harry)
  9. Nathan               (Stu R)
  10. Savs
  11. Liam                 (Damien)
  12. Nunny
  13. Chester
  14. Paul D                  (Anth)
  15. Hopey                   (Nathan)