Saturday 12th Nov. – Blyth IIs 0, Bricks 40

Bricks returned to league action against Blyth with a convincing display and take full league point with 6 trys and a just as important, first clean sheet.

Things didn’t start well as we got to Blyth and were told we were playing down the beach pitch and we had players arriving late. James didn’t get to the game until 10 mins into the game.

Sorry no photos, didn’t have a battery with power in it

Got some people to thank;
• Ian Bennie and Craig McBurnie for playing for Blyth.
• Steve Palmer and Derek Turnbull who made a return to rugby after 25 years to give us a bench and both fitted in great, Derek covering the wing (he’s a 2nd row) and Steve going to Prop, although I put him on as 2nd Row, he did well there.
• Rob Pyle for helping out in the backs, as we had many cry-offs

Highs & Lows:
• Team looked a bit worried at the club as 8 players went direct and we only had 19 in total
• There was competition over the 9 shirt, not because we had multiple scrum half’s, it’s the only one under XL and we had a couple of thin-ish lads, don’t worry, we still have stacks with a bit of weight on……..
• We had Mr Penny wingding at the referee, guess what we got marched backwards
• Harry lectured, rightly about pushing the passes that didn’t need to be made and losing the ball, guess what, next play he lost the ball..
• Blyth had a quick looking outside centre who thankfully hardly got the ball, when he did Rob took him.
• Stu B and Lowsey covering whipped out any half break the Blyth backs made
• Lowsey didn’t catch a ball in the line out and got dropped from up high……. Welcome to the Bricks line out, catch it next time.
• Blyth kick off following a score – up goes a shout, a Derek rushes out, out of the Blyth sky so blue… and dropped the kick off
• Still a bit too much talking back at the ref, wouldn’t you think they would have learnt by now…….. Certainly showing who would be a liability in the important games, when we have numbers and options…
• Daniel watched a ball going through his legs into touch, only he knows why, he defended it after the game, me thinks he doesth protest too much
• Damien complained about a poor ref’s decision when his score was ruled a forward pass, it was yards forward, but he continued to try defend it in the bar…. Hence it’s in the report
• Stu R, good scrum half kick caught Blyth napping and he ran (yes Stu R) 40 yards to collect it and score, how asleep were they
• Harry made a clearance kick and pulled something
• Savs, Rob and Chester caused them all sorts of problems
• Keith must have knocked on, as it was Saturday, so let’s mention it, he had a good game making yards an tackling well
• James got up to 40 minutes of play, doubling Grumpy’s time on the pitch
• James got lost going back to the club and was lost for about 40 mins, we shared the contents of his wallet (coke and 18 strays) out as we thought he was lost for ever…

Scores: Savs, Rob 2, Stu R 2 James K
Conv Rob 5


1. Keith W (Steve Palmer)
2. Craig McB. (Ian Bennie, Grumpy)
3. Brian Penny.
4. Daniel (James K)
5. Strachs
6. Stu Bailey (Harry)
7. Lowsey- right
8. Harry (Strachs)
9. Stu Reay
10. Savs
11. Derek (Daniel)
12. Chester
13. Rob Pyle
14. Damien S
15. Hopey