Sat. 10th October – Blaydon Bricks 32, Chester-le-Street IIs 5

Hats off to Chester-le-Street (ClS) who rang up and offered to come along with 12 players to keep the game on Saturday, we had 3 subs, so numbers were evened out and a good game was had by all. Great to see a local side increasing the number of teams, it’s a long time since ClS ran two teams and good chance we will meet again later in the season in the Durham 4th Team Shield. We wish them every success in maintaining their 2nd Team.


The Bricks side had a bit of an usual look about it, we had loads players at the Scotland v Samoa or generally unavailable; our thanks to:

• Bum Bum returning to Bricks shirt firt time this season
• Killer’s guesting, he needed some exercise
• Big thank you to Greg and Andy from Winlaton IIs who played for ClS
• Damien and Thacks for playing for ClS
• Jason Leng for going for gear after coming to the club to watch TV
• Divers and Damien for playing in the forwards
• and :-( to Marty and Anth, who just did not show on the day….. won’t be forgotten.
• Less so, but needs a mention, Chester who cried off with a sniffle

Trys; Paul, Another, Ryan, Lowsey, Stu B and Strachs
Conv; Phil 1, Matt less than 1

High and Lows:

• This game had a juggling theme to it, with multiple offenders; Keith (naturally) Phil with the line in front of him, Damien, Strachs, Paul, Bum Bum and Keith again, not to be outdone.
• Windy forgot he was running the line, multiple times, we’re going to have to find an alternate roll, post his retirement
• Phil tackled again, dropped licked a successful conversion after watching Matt miss 5 and then got confused with our change to blue shirts and passed to ClS
• Paul drops a pass from Lowsey, not his fault really, who ever would have thought he would pass it anyway
• Lowsey going to ground, been watching too much rugby in TV and flips the ball up, to ClS player.
• Good yards from Killer, Bum Bum, Ryan, Matt and Lowsey
• Thacks goes on for CLS so they had a scrum half, takes responsibility for the re-start, sorry ClS it was a poor kick, he should do better and to be fair usually does.
• Stu and Divers tackled all sorts. Mostly opposition.
• John Hood made his debut for the Bricks after going missing before half time last week

Game played in good spirits, side line entertained and a good try scored by ClS backs. Next week we’re back to league rugby with an away fixture against Winlaton IIs, so we’ll see Greg and Andy again this weekend,.

1. Jason
2. Keith Winter
3. Ryan
4. Killers
5. Damien
6. Stu Bailey
7. Phil Divers
8. Strachs
9. Sty Reay
10. Matt Goodall
11. John Hood
12. Phil Rayson
13. Lowsey
14. Paul Dingley
15. Thacks