Get In – Bricks win their League encounter with Northern IIIs

Northern IIIs 20, Blaydon Bricks 22 – Saturday 11th January



Trys: Paul Winter, Damien, Horse

Conv: Joe 2

Pen: Joe 1


It has been a number of years since we played Northern IIIs, it was great to re-establish games between us and this was a really entertaining game that could have easily been won by either side with Northern coming strong at the end, but tackling held up from the Bricks to keep them out.

Bricks had the best of the start of the game and if they had used the two or three clear overlaps this could have been a bit more comfortable.



  • Bum Bum called us an hour before the game and showed up to make his fifth appearance of the season and earned his Bricks Polo shirt in the second half.
  • Ian Bennie joined us, his first game for a number of years and got one of the fastest yellow cards we’ve seen, better luck next week.
  • Rob Pyle guested for us from the Development side in the centre, tackled everything.
  • Horse, where do I start, he had a great game making numerous yards and got round the pitch like a back row and scored a try.  That said;
  • Horse must have had a little too much turkey as his ‘bottom’ came right through his shorts which ripped top to bottom, he claims quality of material, we are standing by, quantity of ‘ar*e’
  • Horse with a 3 on one and a flyhalf at that, Horse decided to hold onto it (or the ball got stuck in his hoof) and trot over the flyhalf who made a great tackle and wrapped up the ball and ‘our little pony’
  • Richard Pike did a good job for us at flyhalf in his second game for the Bricks
  • Bum Bum did a good job of being in the right place at the wrong time for Northern and un-gentlemenly shout for the Northen player to pass him the ball, which he did, stopping a try if the ball had gone the other way. Sneaky devil
  • Joe; went to Novos andjust got to Northern in time, then did himself in with 2 proteindrinks just before the game and had to come off before half time, but recovered to go back on 10 mins into the second half.
  • Paul Winter was everywhere and really up for the game, him, BigLad and Craig had the Northern front row where they wanted them, driving their scrum backwards. It was no surprise when it went uncontested in the second half.
  • Keith fingers Winter, blamed the sun in his eyes for the drop of the ball from the tap penalty
  • Chester, good to have him back made loads yards in the centre, fluffed a kick and insists he never missed a tackle in the centre, but accepts the match report is factual, so he did ……
  • Stu played well at scrum half and caught his opposite number a number of times.
  • Having two forwards playing at Scrumhalf and Flyhalf  meant on a number of occasions we have loads in the rucks and mauls and no one at 9 and 10, but hey it all worked.


So good game, good result which should help us with our league position, which is currently bottom, but with wins against Gateshead and now Northern we should move up a little. Next week another league encounter with Sunderland.



 1. Paul Winter

 2. Craig McBurnie              (Phil Partington)

 3. Big Lad 

 4. Horse

 5. Marge                             (Matty Bell)

 6. Keith Winter 

 7. Ian Bennie

 8. Strachs 

 9. Stu Bailey  

 10. Richard Pike   

 11. Liam            

 12. Rob Pyle

 13. Chester         

 14. Paul Dingley                   (Damien)

 15. Joe Snowdon                 (Craig Barlow)