Gateshead IIIs 45 – Blaydon Bricks 13 – where have all the Bricks gone……..

Thanks to the lads from Winlaton and Gateshead, 6 of them needed to be able to get a side out this week, thanks for the great commitment and Davy if you get barred for scoring against Gateshead, you’re always welcome at Blaydon….. :-)


Trys: Keith & Davy Cole.

Penalty – Phil

I have to say, you would think the Bricks had forgot when the rugby season was, over the last 3 to 4 weeks we have not been able to field a side, yet 5 weeks ago we have 6 subs. This week we had every excuse under the sun, it just getting too hard and for all sorts of reasons there is just not the same commitment to the team we have had in previous years. Don’t get me wrong, coming up to Xmas people need to take an extra work they can and we always struggle a little. I remember going to STC with 14 same time last year, but recently we have 5 or 6 players short.

Our Development were struggling as well, so we left Stu Bailey with them so they had 13 as they were playing Bishop IIs who we played a few weeks ago, good news they won.

Be interesting to see if we have a problem getting 15 for the cup game on the 15th – Anyway enough of all that there was a great game played on the day, lets concentrate on that.

Highs and lows of the game:

· Thanks go to Mickey and George from Winlaton for playing in this game, you gave 100%
· Also thanks to Davy, Riche, Mick and Lee – again you could not tell you weren’t from Blaydon, 100% given
· Keith was back from knee surgury, knock ons, not straights, penalties for tackling too hard, the lot was back, we now need Paul back from his broken finger (-nail) we’ve missed the Winter brothers.
· It was going to be a busy day for the backs, with a very youthful pacey back division out for Gateshead, Chester did a great job of getting in their faces and Gateshead waste loads of ball with bad handling. He even intercepted one, but you guessed it, dropped it…
· At the back Mick showed the young guns what happens when you haven’t learnt how to execute a 2 on 1 correctly, criminal, they should be made to do an extra training session dedicate to not making a fool of yourself.
· Cameron playing only his second game for us made so good tackles and snuffed out a number of Gateshead moves
· Anth played for us in the centre, first time he’d played in that position and put 100% into it, getting dropped on his head (no damage there) tackled all sorts and made some good breaks
· At fullback Mick always looked dangerous when he got the ball and made good yards
· Phil’s penalty hits the bar, centre decides to run it and got absolutely chopped in half by Keith following up, what he lacked in speed he made up for in leg drive as he hit him.
· Good to see Finnas and Knoxy on the hoof making good breaks and running through people, they put themselves about all game and made some good tackles as well.
· Davy your try, was a great forward movement, we never gave up, had support in numbers and a determination to get to the line, well done.
· Ian Bennie and Paul Dingley played blinders, all over the park and making some key tackles
· Windy looked as grey as anything, but we had no subs and stayed commitment to the end.
· Phil’s kicking from hand had Gateshead back 3 turning around on many occasions
· Knoxy’s kick has to get a mention, from left hand side near our line, into midfield on the 22 and landing in a quick centres hands, the team stopped him for Knoxy. Knoxy afterwards said we was tired (only his second game, we’ll give him that) and then try to defend it
· Mickey (Wharton) that tap penalty has to get a mention, thankfully behind the refs back, what were you thinking, I think the tired leg need to tap the ball just would not
· Great to hear Gateshead have started their 4th team fixtures, the Winters are looking forward to meeting Graeme Kell on the pitch again.


1. Scott

2. Ian Bennie

3. Davy Cole – Gateshead

4. Keith Winter

5. Adam Knox

6. George Hendry -Winlaton

7. Riche Varle – Gateshead

8. Windy

9. Mickey Wharton – Winlaton

10. Phil Rayson

11. Cameron (Lee Bunton – Gateshead)

12. Anthony

13. Chester

14 Paul Dingley.

15. Mick Eckstein – Gateshead