Durham Cup – Blaydon Bricks 68, Jarrovians IIs 3


Got a complaint from Vinnie as I missed one of his trys, after only playing this season he obviously did not realise the severity of ever, ever questioning the validity of a Bricks factual match report….. Mmmmmmm.. Anyway he score 3 and is bringing the stella to the next round

So Mr Lowsey, you owe 2 jugs of beer…….. And?

Trys: Vinnie 3, Lowsey 6, Goggles, Damien + another did not write down
Conv Lowsey 2, Thacks 2

What a difference a cup match makes, struggled for sides for weeks and then the well known 16th November arrives and we have 22 players available. Don’t get us wrong we want to win every game we play, but success of the season is based on if the 4th Team Shield is returned to the wall at Blaydon and the Bricks players know that.

Jarrovians are to be commended, they did not give up all the way through and the score does not really reflect the contribution they made, but just as STC found in the final last year, they fell to a very strong Bricks side.

Our side was strong due to:
• Lowsey who has helped us win 3 previous cups was available again after a number of weeks taking his coaching certificate, who scored 6 trys.
• Finnas who has played with Bricks this season stayed with us, as he got out of work too late to travel with the Development.
• Also the addition of Vinnie in the second row, which due to job change, he can no longer train to play Senior rugby, made his 3rd appearance for the Bricks.
• Horse, Stu Reay and Savs made a come-back from Injury and just about everyone else was available

The writing was on the wall at the first set piece when the Jarrovian’s flyhalf got caught, trying a little shuffle, then like a rabbit in the headlights as Strachs and Stu Bailey came off the back of a scrum and were in his face, He made it a bit too easy by standing far too close to his scrum half and not giving himself space, but this set the tone for the day. Any player who got the ball was confronted by the Bricks in force.

They were many highlights to the game and a lot of good appearances as you would expect from a squad this good, but as usual we will concentrate on where people did memorable things, in the match report:
• The Jarrovian’s Flyhalf shuffle in the first play where he had a back row either side of him and no-where to go
• Lowsey, to Divers who made a good break and back inside and we then screwed up the next pass
• Lowsey kicked our brand new ball into the River
• Divers through on good break, but tap tackled and went down like a bag of spanners
• Keith (Fingers) Winter took a great catch from the kick off, he never catches things like that, he was substituted at half time. Were the two things related?
• Divers pass to Paul, which would have been a scoring pass, had he been 2 foot taller
• Jarrow were unlucky not to score as we spilled the ball and their 13 kicked on only for the short dead-ball area to catch him out as his pace outstripped out back three. Joe’s fault for being away in Manchester.
• 2nd half Horse makes the call, under the kick off and drops it, he obviously had Keiths hands, side line went wild, he did subsequently pluck a kick off out of the air, but who cares…
• Horse line out ball, out to the backs and Divers puts Damien in the corner, for what I think was his first try for us
• Long time since we have seen Goggle score, good to see
• Good break from Chester in the centre but the final pass to his partner Divers was forward
• At the kick off, up goes a shout, a GB dashes out, just not quick enough as he got no-where close and the side line was in stitches, especially his broth Keith, who continuously offered advice latter in the bar on what he should have done.
• Matty Bell declares he does not like Stella as the cans are dished out at the end of game, they is no option but to drop him from the squad, for a cardinal sin …….. ;-)

Next week we are away to South Tyneside College, let’s see how what Bricks side turns up for that one