Chobham come dancing into town on Easter Sunday

Big thanks to Chobham who provided great entertainment to a packed Blaydon Rugby Club on Easter Sunday, with a tour theme of Strictly Come Dancing. It was great to see a club tour that maintains the spirit of touring and they certainly enjoyed themselves both on and off the field.

Its been a while since we had an Easter Sunday game and with the warm weather the side line was packed and everyone stayed for the post match antics, it was a really fun day for both Blaydon and Chobham and then Chobham went off to the town with a few of our guys for company.



The spoils on the field went to Blaydon, only just; 22 to 19 which was helped by the state the guys got off the bus, which allowed us to get 3 early trys and then defend the lead.

As far as the team we had on the day, aside from Joe Melia (who has played 4 games for us this season and is just on loan to the 2s while he’s young), was a Bricks squad player, with a number of people making a comeback as it was such a sunny day; Gerry, Big Lad, Simon Drennon, Mark Ward, Sean Pyle and Rodders.


Trys; Liam, Matt, Finnas  & Joe

Conv: Thacks


  • Chobham started with a Hacka
  • Savs and Stu Reay interplay left them spell bound
  • Matt breaking through tackles
  • Forwards were dominant in the scrums in the first half, but Chobham sent on reinforcements at half time
  • Liam must have thought he was a supper hero, instead of running round two big forwards he tried to go through them
  • Stu Bailey was everywhere and annoying Chobham
  • Windy was stealing their line out ball
  • Horse kicking the ball away, little bit of a huffy
  • Drennon came on and showed what a class player he still is
  • Tommy and Davy Hall had their gear and are looking to make a return
  • Rodders showed a good clean pair of heels and was just unlucky not to score
  • Joe made a try saving tackle, made his dad proud, then did a bullfighter move on the next one, but Stu Bailey helped him out
  • Side line banter was great, although not very encouraging, more micky taking.



1. Finnas  (Joe Melia)

2. Keith  (Craig)

3. Paul W

4. Cliff  (Horse)

5. Joe Melia ( Big Lad

6. Strachs (Ian Bennie)

7. Stu Bailey)

8. Windy (Simon Drennon)

9. Stu Reay ( Mark Ward)

10. Savs   (Gerry)

11. Craig Barlow  (Sean Pyle)

12 Thacks   (Chester)

13. Matt  (Hopey)

14. Liam   (Rodders)

15. Phil Rayson   (Joe Snowdon)

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