Bricks V Novos IIIs game abandon due to serious injury to Novos player


We wish a speedy recovery and quick return to the game to the Novos player.



On one of the weirdest weather days for some time, our suspicions that God was a rugby fan came true as the sun came out for a great day to play rugby. A strong Novos 3s team showed up and due to injuries we have 3 guests from the development; Joe Melia, James Murray and Rob Pyle so the sides were evenly matched although styles were very different, with Bricks power in the forwards taking the majority of set play and Novos with a very quick set of backs.


• This was a game everyone seemed up for from the off, banter in changing room was back to normal and although we were caught out, kicking a ball to the Novos back 3 ( no surprise game plan was not to do that) to concede a try, that seemed to gel the team and both sides played turns each scoring.
• Blaydon tries took a Long concentrated effort of power play from back and forwards together, ball Novos secured was spun wide and away from our forwards.
• Finnas and Ryan operating as backs with classic passing moves was surreal
• Hits from Ryan and Harry felled Novos players
• Scrumage was totally dominant and driving Novos back
• Line out stole sizeable amount of Novos ball
• Finnas took a big hit which twisted his knee and looked to have damaged ligaments
• Good yards from Ryan, Scott, Harry, Cliff, Keith, Divers, etc.
• Stracks made couple good breaks from back of the scrum/maul and scored from one, which could have been 2 but for good defence from Novos holding him up
• Matt made some good breaks through the middle
• James’s try saving tackles and good cover from Rob
Next week we’re away in Halifax, 30th April is against Ryton and final game of the season is a past Blaydon colts team (Finnas year) against a past and present Blaydon team on 7th May.

1. Finnas, (Joe Melia)
2. Craig Mc, (Grumpy)
3. Ryan.
4. Joe Melia. (Cliff)
5. Keith O.
6. Windy. (ian Bennie)
7. Stracks.
8. Harry.
9. Stu R
10. James Murray. (Phil Rayson)
11. Steve Sewell (Paul D)
12. Chester. (Matt)
13. Divers
14. Goggle. (Rob Pyle)
15. Nathan Johnson (James Murray)