Bricks start the season with a win aganst Gateshead IIIs 22 – 12 Bricks


Trys: Divers, Joey, Thacks Stu Reay

Conversions: James 1

Our thanks to U18s and the Development who both lent us 3 payers to enable us to turn out a squad of 21

A typical start to the season from the Bricks, straight into a game and no training before, which given how hot the day was and how quick the game was, showed. Thankfully the three 17 and one 18 year olds were all over the park, making good breaks, which made the game really quick and tackled everything. On the showing here on their debut to senior rugby, Blaydon is in a great place with the youth coming through. Congratulations and a big thank you to our youth set up.

Headlines from the game:
Good to see Matt back from injury and it was a big hit in the middle of the park on a Gateshead break, that turned over the ball resulting in Divers going in for the first try.
Another good break up the narrow side by Divers, in the 22, was only stopped by a forward pass as James went over the try line.
Dave Gough making his debut went down hard on his shoulder and had to come off early, he’ll be back in a few weeks, which is good news.
Paulie Winter got driven back in the middle of the park by the only ginger on the park.
James short pass to Divers, through the middle and great hands from the backs to put Thacks in at the corner.
Adam watching as an opponent ran past him and stood on his foot, the look of surprise was fantastic, next time tackle the one in the other shirts, you daft bat.
2nd half
Good break from Matt and an offload to Stu Reay to score, then a touch of handbags as gateshead player dropped on Stu and Stu reacted. Stu came off and went for a walk to cool down.
Some good breaks from Elliot with Gateshead players hanging off him
James Murray made a great debut at flyhalf and ran the midfield
Good line out, 15 yards out and Adam sees space at the back of the line out and throws a middle ball way, way over the back where no Bricks were. It was just like Keith’s early line out days, although Keith never through that far
Gateshead get a penalty on the 22 and take it quickly, Matty Bell does a Matador impression and lets Gateshead through, too much touch rugby we think
On the day it seems Gateshead had a Stu prejudice, as a second Stu was removed from the pitch after reacting to silly behaviour. He soon calmed down and went back on to frustrate Gateshead again, tackling the dickens out of them, he was everywhere.
Adam, Strachs and Joe Melia from our 3s did canny as always, although looked like they were lacking a bit of fitness… trying to keep up with the speed of this Bricks game, well the U18s anyway.
Some good running and strong tackling from Joey, who switched to scrum half and dropped the Gateshead 8 a number of times.

All in all with a good result 22-12, Windy’s 50th and good few beers at Gateshead club with the opposition, trying their best to get drink down windy’s neck and a one at the Ninepins on the way back to his surprise party, great night.

Next week the league fixtures start at home to Novos IIIs, who were very strong at the end of last season.



1. Joe Melia
2. Adam Keeler
3. Paul Winter
4. Strachs
5. Elliot Beattie U18s
6. David Gough U18s (Keith Winter)
7. Stu Bailey (Matty Bell)
8. Windy (PC)
9. Stu Reay
10. James Murray (Mo)
11. Joey Gray U18s
12. Chester
13. Phil Divers
14. Thacks (Ian Bennie)
15 Matt goodall

Not used – Craig Barlow