Bricks run out of players and lose second half – Bricks 13, Ashington 33

Bricks suffer more injuries, following numerous cry offs during week & last minute pull outs, so players were asked to play in unnatural positions and we ended up with 12 men on the park at the end of the game. So from 8-7 up at half time we lost heavily to Ashington IIs who span the ball wide and made numbers count.

Photos: sorry raining so not many


  • Thanks to Egg from Ashington who propped for us until Paul arrived from shopping queues at the metro centre
  • Thanks also to Keith Winter for propping all game and Ian for playing hooker, both started the game limping slightly and a lot more by the end of the game. Gents fantastic commitment to the team and thank you for stepping up.
  • Jake who damaged his shoulder at Wallsend, was told it needed surgery, but as it was ligaments he decide playing wouldn’t hurt it anymore and responded to Jacks call and showed up to get a pack on the field. Another good performance as always from Jack and Jake.
  • Keith peels off the back of a line out and passed to Scotty, well ewe have told Keith before he can’t pass and he proved it as Scotty just about pulled his back trying to pick it off his shoes.
  • Jake and Toddy added real pace to our follow ups on kick offs
  • Rob made two try saving tackles
  • Stracks tip toeing down the side line from 22 metres for our second score. He was inches from the side line, although I did take a lot of abuse from Ashington who from many yards away seemed to think they knew better……
  • Poor first tackles let us down in the second half
  • We lost Scotty with a damaged ankle and Damien with a hamstring injury
  • Let’s get to Stu Reay, yellow carded with about 18 mins to go, took advice from the sideline over how much of the game was left and went for a shower.


It was a strange game, loosing the league games when Gosforth conceeded seemed to have dinted a number of people’s enthusiasm and a winable game was lost when we ran out of bodies and had many walking wounded. We have 2 key games left (Morpeth away and a double header against Ryton at home on the 29th) both of which we need to win, to win the 2nd place shield for the Northumberland Blyth league. Time to decide as a squad what you want to do, we can either go for 2nd place, or call the season and rest all injuries and start again next season.


Trys; Goggle, Stracks
Penalty: Hopey
1. Keith
2. Ian Bennie
3. Paul Winter
4. Jack Inglis
5. Windy. (Cliff)
6. Jake
7. Toddy
8. Stracks

9. Stu Reay
10. Scotty
11. Goggle. (Damien)
12. Chester,
13. Rob Pyle
14 Paul D
15 Hopey