Bricks progress through to next round of Durham Shield

Blaydon Bricks re-assembled  their full squad for the first time since the final last year, with the majority of the squad making themself available, shock, horror!  for a cup match. The game was away at South Tyneside College (STC)  and with just about everyone available the strength of the squad was too much for South Tyneside, with the final score 0 – 60.  I’m told a great performance from both forwards and backs.

We did have a bunch of late cry offs in the backs and with the U18 lads not available, so we did take Robert Pyle from the Development with us, thanks Rob, least we could do, having played you against us in our last weeks game when you came to play for us, thank you fro your support,  everyone else was a Bricks player.

Thanks to Grumpy for looking after the side-line on the day, as I (Bruce) had abandoned the team for the weekend.


The ‘Official’ Match report from Grumpy:

A dominant performance. Pack very much in command and defence very solid so allowed South Tyneside very few opportunities. Having said that STC never gave up and also defended well for long periods. It wasn’t a walk over at all – just very efficient and focused team play where everyone played a part.


First half – Bricks had a stranglehold on game from outset. Liam had a few good runs down right and Coatsy controlled game well.  Some over ambitious handling let us down at first. Phil Divers powered first try to break deadlock. Mix up with kicking tee (Robin wasn’t talking to us and stationed himself on other touchline!) – this meant quick thinking Lowesy grabbed ball and drop kicked it over for the conversion with a couple of seconds left before it timed out!

Divers got second in similar manner –  Joe missed kick.

Finnaz got a drive over then went back to sleep having got the try he had been hunting desperately for beforehand. Lowesy took over kicking and never missed again (inc. a penalty)

Keith dropped the ball closing on the line !!!

2 more Divers tries (didn’t buy a jug!)

32-0 at half time

Pyley came on for Liam and scored with first touch – what a substitution!

Strachs on for Coatsy – Stu Bailey to scrum half and Lowesy to Stand off. Strachs made usual runs as first receiver but forgot to tell anyone else he was doing it! Did ok – it was needed.

Chester got jealous of Divers and scored 2 tries

Cliffy came on for injured Knoxy. Lasted about 60 seconds before a yellow card for being Cliffy.

Goggle on for Joe, Richard on for Keith. Pace picked up.

Rayson on for Divers who was groggy after a knock. Made a try saving tackle on one powerful STC runner

Ian on for Windy

Lowesy loitering on wing to converse with crowd got a wayward kick and ran in last try when the ball was pointed out to him. Horse then stole the ball and drop kicked the conversion. End of game. We went to Lakeside Inn for team drink afterwards.

60 – 0 final score

STC Match Report:


1. Finnas – solid

2. Keith (Richard) –   ???

3. Ryan – very impressed with him! All front row really.

4  Horse – good work horse throughout – didn’t have to nag him. Stayed the course etc.

5 Knoxy (Cliffy) – really solid game before knacked his hand

6. Harry – usual top game – steadied everything

7. Stu Bailey – didn’t see him much so he must have played well and annoyed the dickens out of STC!

8 Windy (Ian)- same as Harry

9 Lowesy  – good game but a bit hurried / inaccurate with passing early on. Didn’t leave any kicking tees lying around for people to step on.

10 Coatsy (Strachs)- very good – had some runs and distributed well

11 Liam (Pyley) – good first half with some telling runs – near to scoring a couple of times.

12 Chester – solid as usual – didn’t get a lot of opportunity firsthalf

13 Divers (Phil R)- outstanding first half.

14 Joe (Goggle) – fine but lacked confidence in himself at times- could have scored

15 Savs – solid game




Divers (4)

Chester (2)






Lowesy (5)



Penalty Lowesy


Th..Thh.. That’s all folks!








1. Finnaz
2. Keith          (Richard Pyke)
3. Ryan
4. Horse
5. Adam Knox        (Cliff)
6. Harry
7. Stu Bailey.       (Strachs)
8. Windy              (ian Bennie)
9. Lowsey.           (Stu Bailey)
10. Coatsey.        (Lowsey)
11. Joe                  (Craig Barlow)
12. Chester
13. Divers
14. Liam.              (Rob Pyle)
15. Andy Savoury       (Phil Rayson)