Bricks lose out to loaded Gateshead 3rd team – Gateshead 2/3s 37, Bricks 28

Saturday 22nd Oct.


We took what was supposed to be a re-arranged league fixture against Gateshead 3 and arrived at Gateshead to face a very different team, with various attempts by certain Gateshead representatives to say, are! , em! some of the 2s couldn’t travel…… certainly the 9, 10, 12, 13, so a quick set of backs, it’s such a long way TO HORDON…. Isn’t it…..

It nearly backfired on them, as the Bricks came back in the second half and but for an interception try as Bricks were camped in Gateshead 22, it could have been a very different result.


It was a game of two halves with Gateshead scoring most of their points from our poor kicks in the first half that they ran back for trys, in the second half we retained the ball much better and really put Gateshead 2/3s under pressure. They were so under pressure they didn’t put any of the lads (a number who had played last time) on from the side-line and left their ‘stars’ against Blaydon Bricks. (4th team) Every single player from Blaydon, but one, got at least full half and all got game time, as we’re all about everyone taking part.


Gateshead lost a front row, just after the game started, when he ran away, to sit on the bench for the first team, it seemed to amuse Gateshead side-line a lot less than it did us.


Photos: taken by Finnas, who complained the camera was heavy, strange given he lifts 2ndrows and it has a good picture of a church steeple and a seagull….   you’d have to ask him, why?



  • Too many tackles were missed or attempted too high, especially in the first half
  • Big hits from Keith, Harry, Lowsey, Stu B
  • Good yards from Steve Sewell, Harry, Lowsey, Russ,
  • Thanks to Lewis and Russ for turning out after we had 3 cry offs on Saturday morning
  • Steve, who came along with Mick scored a good try, carrying two players over the line with him
  • Keith assures me the pass wasn’t meant for him, but it hit him and he dropped it, shock horrow!
  • Cliff was providing advice to Gateshead on playing kick offs that didn’t reach 10 yards, much to the amusement of the side-line
  • Lowsey was being lifted in the line out after Windy withdrew and experienced the being dropped for not catching it. Also if you see the video, he has lifting blocks on his legs and the lads lifted by his shorts, he may have to explain what there are.
  • Our line out worked well and Gateshead’s didn’t – after their hooker ran away when he came up against the two Winter’s propping. – that was Keith’s story anyway
  • Second half we retained possession for the majority of the the half with Forwards pick and drive making many yards
  • Good scores from Harry and Lowsey to get us back in the game
  • A very strange yellow card for Lewis, think for obstruction-ish…….
  • Final play resulted with Cliff being in the flyhalf position with Lewis and Steve out wide, the idea was right, the execution was sh1te, looping pass wide intercepted by Gateshead 2nd team centre and no one was catching him, game to Gateshead



So close but not to be, great heart and no Bricks players took a step back, every player who travelled contributed and enjoyed the game and we came away proud in how Blaydon 4th team have performed and nearly pulled off the win.


Next week we are again in League duty, away at South Shields (STC)



Trys: Steve (Fiji), Lowsey, Harry

Conv. Hopey 1, Lewis 1

Pen. Lewis 3


  1. Keith Winter
  2. Ian B                 (Cliff)
  3. Paul Winter
  4. Steve Sewell.
  5. Stephen           Russ
  6. Strachs,
  7. Lowsey,          Stu B
  8. Harry
  9. Stu Reay
  10. Lewis Hill.      (Mick)
  11. Mick Bell.         Damien S
  12. Chester.
  13. Hopey.             Lowsey
  14. Paul Dingley.  (steve)
  15. Phil Rayson.     (Hopey)