Bricks go off the boil and let a key one slip away; Blaydon Bricks 25, Ryton IIIs 27

After establishing a 20-5 lead by half time the Bricks went off the boil and allowed Ryton to come back into the game and take the last bragging rights for the season (Blaydon won overall 3 games to 2 for the season) and secure 3rd place in the league. In the end it was a story of ‘benches’ Bricks had two fit and 2 walking wounded and Ryton had a full bench and fresh players made a difference.

More to follow ….

Trys: Surrey, Brett & Adam
Conv; Hopey 2
Pen; Hopey 2

1. Brett
2. Ian Benny (Chris Morton)
3. Paul Winter
4. Ryan Convery
5. Nellie
6. Andy strachan
7. Charlie
8. Vinnie.
9. Stu Bailey
10. Hopey
11. Adam Kibiridgee
12. Surrey
13. Divers (Chester)
14. Paul Dingley (Matty Bell)
15. Craig Barlow