Bricks come out on top against a young Ryton side.

Saturday 18th January – Blaydon Bricks 34, Ryton IIIs 5




Trys: Divers, Liam, Richard, Savs

Conv: Thacks 1, Divers 3

Pen: Divers 2


With Sunderland pulling out of the our league fixture due to lack of players we got a game against Ryton IIIs from the pool, out 3rd encounter in as many weeks.  The team that turned up on the day was a lot younger that expected and we quickly switched the game to the narrow top pitch. Good news for the club was we had 4 sides out on the day, in the end only the Development loosing in a very tough fixture against DMP 2s.  


Highs & Lows 

  • It was no surprise we took the ball on in the forwards with Keith, Marge, Strachs, Brett and Harry making big yards
  • Craig Barlow a little surprised his legs were tired, partly to do with a very heavy pitch, but mainly the fact the bozo had done a 5k run that morning.
  • Short ball to Divers in the centre put him through the middle for our first score
  • Thacks where does one start, Insubordination on the pitch, match report facts; penalty on the 22 straight in front of the posts, following his successful conversion, Harry opts for points, hands the ball to Thacks, Thacks points out the pitch conditions was not right for place kicks, he does some new rain dance run up, resembling a hop, skip an a step over and you guessed it, he missed it, was he right it was not a day for kicking, well you might want to ask Divers opinion who score 5 and only missed slightly, when he tried his other foot.
  • Thacks then came off at half time and too so much stick as kick after kick went over and then defended himself with a very high pitch voice, quick check, verified no ferrets were chewing his testicals, it was put down to the wrong time of the month and all married blokes noded knowingly…..
  • Then there was Paul Winter, Stu Reay made one of his good sniping runs, we saw a number on the day and then off loaded to a red shirt just at the right time, for it only to be Paul, ball dropped, it just seems to be at a certain age you develop the Winter hands in that family.
  • 2nd Funniest thing on the pitch on the day, after seeing who he passed to Stu stopped and did an impression of an angry man, giving out a large Grrrrrrrrrhhhh and doing a little dance.
  • Never mind, chance to make amends, 22 restart, up goes a shout, a Paul Winter dashes out, out of the ranks so muddy, sadly to say there the ball lay, as the Winter hands strike again…
  • Chester went on second half after getting there late from work, champing at the bit to get on, but should have warmed his hands, after one of many Savs breaks, he off loaded to Chester, who was temporarily using Winters hands…
  • With the return of Paul Yielder as Ryton scrum half and Stu Reay for us, it was a great battle to watch the two 9s
  • Our backrow were everywhere, Harry, Stu B and Strachs, Ryton must have been pleased to see Stu R come off, Stu B go to scrum half, but we moved Richard in and he joined the rest of the back row all over the park, both with the ball and making the tackles.
  • Breaks down the left in the first half were a good idea as that’s where the Blaydon supporters were, first Richard dummied, made around 15 yards and went close
  • Second Break Keith, not sure who put the ball in his hands as he could not have caught it went left, again dummied and made ooh! lots of yards, match report says probably 10, but he said 20, so 10 it was. We found out something in the bar that explains a number of things, Keith can only pass one direction and he cannot see properly out of his eye in that direction, so passing won’t happen, explains so much.
  • When Graeme  was hurt in a bit of a dodgy tackle, we had Windy coming back from injury to go on, that as the strength of the Bricks team on the day.
  • The young 10 and 15 for Ryton were both good players and no doubt we will see more of them in the future.


Weather was abit poor onthe day, but the game and the rugby on the day from both sides was great to watch, Bricks deserved winners but a good contest. We are in the pool for a fixture next week, then we play Northern again the week after as we return to league rugby.


1. Paul Winter

2. Keith winter.

3. Brett

4. Marge

5. Graham Tones  (Windy)           

6. Strachs             

7. Stu Bailey  (Richard Pyke)

8. Harry                 

9.  Stu Reay  (Stu Bailey) 

10. Savs 

11. Richard Pyke  (Liam)

12. Thacks  (Thacks)               

13. Phil Divers

14  Damien    (Paul Dingley)           

15  Craig Barlow