Bricks benefit from further involvement from our U18s; Bishop Auckland 26, Blaydon Bricks 38

Once again the Bricks were fortunate to have a couple of U18s who are at work Sunday, so were able to take part in our fixture, so following good performances from David, Elliot and Joey we had 2 Nathans playing, one at Fullback and one in the Centre. On the showing of these 5 guys the future of Blaydon Rugby is in a great place.

Photos: Link to follow


Trys: Matt Goodall 3, Nathan M, Finnas

Conv: Nathan S 1

Penalties: Thacks 1, Nathan S 2

Bricks had arranged a friendly with Bishop Auckland IIIs, but arrived to find that Boro had cried off against BA2s and they had a squad of about 35 players. This certainly put the Bricks fitness to the test and although in the main we were always in control of this game, fresh players and tiring Bricks, (most of who think training is dangerous) almost lost us it in the end.

Highlights of the game:

· Early forward pressure at start of the game and ball goes blind and Nathan S puts Matt in for the first of his 3 trys
· Great driving controlled play by a large Bricks pack (shock on that game plan) with pick and go, time after time.
· Ryan played his first game for us this season and got stuck in with some big hits and driving yards
· Stu was everywhere, annoying the devil out of Bishop showing up in the middle of rucks and mauls and stealing balls
· Harry was available for the first time this season and continued where he left off with big hits all over the park
· Coatsey break from his own 22 with a massy run and off loads to Chester in Bishop 22 who was just pulled down short of the line
· Bishop try to keep the ball alive and throw a ball in play that was heading out and straight into Stu’s arms who breaks free and offloads to Matt for his second try
· On a number of occasions after scoring Bricks lost concentration and lost the ball, at the restart, then they were driven back off their own ball for the first Bishop try.
· Further pressure in the Bishop 22, ball goes blind and Nathan S stopped short but great off load to Matt for 3rd try
· 2nd half we took Coatsey off as he was a little battered and Nathan S came into 10 and played as if it was his natural position
· Confidence in the backs was growing and great hands along the back was well finished off by Nathan M
· Thacks kicking was putting us in good places
· Lowsey kept giving his brother Nathan hospital passes, brotherly luv,,,
· Drive after drive getting close to the line, Finnas peels off and throws a dummy no one should have taken but they did and he then drops ball forward in contact.
· Following scoring a penalty, at the subsequent kick off Keith Winter takes the high ball, unlike his brother Paul previous week he doesn’t break his little finger trying to use it to balance the ball on, off Keith goes, sees the length of the pitch and well, throws the ball forward, it had to be seen, although we still don’t understand what he was trying to achieve.
· Lowsey scrum half pass to Matty Bell, drops at his feet, which Matt picks off his toes and moves it on with a single motion, surprising even himself.
· Lowsey’s kick has to be mentioned, clearing outside of the 22 with a typical scrumhalf kick, it goes backwards into the 22 and is picked up by the Bishop winger for a try.

All in all a good day for the Bricks, good win away at Bishop, a number players returning for first Bricks game this season and a few new faces, especially the U18s all of who got a good run out which will improve the fitness levels for next week, imagine if this lot actually trained ……….

1. Finnas

2. Ian Bennie (Richard Pike)

3. Ryan

4. Cliff (Matty Bell)

5. Keith Winter

6. Harry

7. Stu Bailey

8. Windy

9. Liam (Lowsey)

10. Coatsey (Nathan S)

11. Damien (Craig Barlow)

12. Chester

13. Thacks (Nathan McCleod U18s)

14 Matt Goodall (Rob Pyle)

15 Nathan Somersail U18s