Boxing Day part 2 – Blaydon Bricks (past & present) 16, Ryton 0


Sunday 29th Dec – Second game to Bricks, in another close encounter, with result overall 31 – 5 to Bricks past & present.



Trys;  Dan Turland

Penalty;  Lowsey 3

Conv. Lowsey

Score correction from Boxing Day, it was Liam not Fraser who scored, hey not my fault, they are twins……


Both sides had lots of changes from the first fixture, with the Bricks side as has become tradition a mixture of past and present players with:

  • Texas guesting again for us, having been in the Bricks many years, but now playing at Winlaton
  • Dan Turland was still back from Uni
  • Harry made only his 4th start this season at 8 and was truly hurting by the time he left
  • Jimmy the Horse showed up for his 3rd game of the season and was really impressive in a sizable 2nd row partnership with Smiler making his first appearance this season after not playing this season, few days rest and sure he’ll be back.
  • Chris Coates made his second appearance of the season at fullback as part of his recovery from illness.
  • Andy Richardson and Lowsey made an impressive half back pair, young Andy making his debut and Lowsey not having played since our last cup match.
  • Dean Holiday played again n the centre and made numerous yards.
  • Richard Hails was still AWOL
  • Bum Bum made what could have been his 5th appearance, leave it with our record keeper Windy to count an left the pitch with a badly split lip and returned stitched to continue.
  • Liam and Frazer Wright made very impressive Bricks 2nd appearances, from our U18s side, 3 more games to be presented with the Bricks Polo shirts
  • Not available; Steve Kane and Fossie at work, Savs injured from Boxing Day, Big Lad & Stu Bailey baby sitting but on the side line (we need a crèche) Windy / Wardy resting after 2 games in 5 days, Gerry doing a family thing and Craig McBurnie watching with a bad back.

1. Paul Winter
2. Keith winter
3. Joe Melia
4. Fraser Wright.    (Horse)
5. Smiler
6. Bum Bum
7. Liam Wright.
8. Harry
9.  Andy Richardson
10. Lowsey
11. Dan Turland
12. Thacks                (Texas)
13. Dean Holiday
14  Joe Snowdon
15  Coatsey              (Matty Bell)


Highs and Lows:

  • Windy put us on the top pitch, it was muddy and wore both teams out and slowed down the game.
  • Bricks defence was immense again, with special mention to Liam, Frazer, Dan, Keith,  Dean, Lowsey and Harry’s tackling were all outstanding
  • Lowsey got hit late and took it up with his opposite number and was sin binned for complaining
  • Coatsey looked dangerous every time he got the ball at fullback, game plan was make the break and off load and not take any hits, as with every Brick he ignored me and took hit after hit.
  • Andy managed to trouble the young Ryton scrum half all game, we will certainly see both those young lads playing at higher levels.
  • Harry, Keith, Bum Bum, Smiler and Horse made great yards in the forwards and Dean, Joe  and  Dan in the backs.
  • Ryton were lacking a kicker for both line and goal, Bricks took every chance to line kick distance and took penalties when offered.
  • Liam and Fraser were all over the park again
  • Joe had another good game and troubled Ryton defence every time he got the ball
  • Paul Winter made a great speech at half time  about supporting your team mates and staying on the pitch, before being yellow carded
  • Bricks try was a cracker, right across the back line and Thacks passed it right to Dan to score in the corner
  • Bricks did a 50 yard drive down the middle of the pitch


Summary – too close run games with difference being Bricks taking their chances in both games, both games could have gone either way, but bragging rights this year going with the Bricks. Let’s hope this tradition continues, as it is great to see tradition Boxing Day local rugby continuing and the home and away fixtures give both clubs a good bar during the festive season.