Boxing Day fixture – Ryton XV 5, Blaydon Bricks (past & present) 15

Game one to Bricks, next round Sunday 29th 1pm at Crowtrees



Trys;  Liam Wright, Savs

Penalty;  Texas

Conv. Joe

An unexpected frost Christmas night resulted in the game moving from Crowtrees to Ryton. A good crowd was entertained by a very evenly matched game with an evenly matched forward exchange and a youthful Ryton back division against a more experienced Bricks back division.

The Bricks side was as has become tradition a mixture of past and present players with:


  • Steve Kane and Texas guesting for us having been in the Bricks many years, but now playing at Winlaton
  • Gerry made his 2nd appearance after rejoining us from Consett this season
  • Fossie made his traditional Xmas appearance
  • Dan Turland was back from Uni
  • Harry made only his 3rd start this season
  • Mark Ward made his first start
  • Richard Hails went AWOL
  • Liam and Frazer Wright made very impressive Bricks debuts from our U18s side


Highs and Lows:

  • Bricks defence was immense, with special mention to Liam, Frazer, Stu, Dan and Harry’s tackling was outstanding
  • Game started with a massive hit on Ryton 7 by Harry and off he went, hats off to him, he recovered to return later.
  • Harry throw an outrages dummy and Ryton took it
  • Joe had a great game and troubled Ryton defence every time he got the ball
  • Paul Winter took a great take from the restart
  • Paul and Keith Winter took Ryton Second row wearing 13s (and lots of 1st team gear) outrages dummy, but Harry clattered him
  • Next break by Ryton 13 saw him clattered by Stu and Harry
  • Dan dropped the ball going over the line
  • Big Lad got dumped
  • Stu’s tackling at the base of the scrum harassed
  • Steve Kane was all over the park when he came on for the second half


Liam and Frazer Wright made impressive debuts, hard to believe they are still U18s, they looked easily at home in senior rugby, they will have bright futures at Blaydon RFC.

Round one to Bricks, second game is 1pm on Sunday at Blaydon

1. Paul Winter
2. Keith winter.
3. Fossie
4. Liam Wright         (Stephen Kane)
5. Frazer Wright       (Big Lad)
6. Harry                     (Liam Wright)
7. Stu Bailey
8. Windy                   (Harry)
9. Mark                    (Jerry)
10.  Texas
11. Dan Turland     (Paul Dingley)
12. Thacks              (Dan Turland)
13. Savs                   (Dean Holiday)
14 Joe Snowdon     (Chris Davidson)
15 Jerry                    (Savs)