Blaydon give Wharfedale Pleasant Journey North!!

The game started at a fast pace with an early scare for Blaydon when a kick through was adjudged to have been. Touched down by the home team but it was very close.

The fast tempo continued, and a number of Blaydon phases took to them toward Wharfedale’s 22 but the ball spilled out of a contact to Wharfedale winger Hamilton and Blaydon completely off guard and all out expecting the ball to come back their way and Wharfedale winger Rian Hamilton had a long but easy run to the try line.

Blaydon’s reaction was excellent taking the game straight back to Wharfedale and after 8 or 9 phases Dowell passed back inside to Ashman who ran in from 25 metres out to score.

Unfortunately for the home side it wasn’t long before Wharfedale were back on the attack in Blaydon’s 22 and a strong scrum 5 metres out led to an easy try for scrum half Henry McNab.

Again, Blaydon were responding well and building phases well into Wharfedale’s half but a wild miss pass was intercepted by Rian Hamilton for his 2nd try of the game.

Only a few minutes later a poor kick from Blaydon captain Marshall was caught by the gale force wind and found itself in Wharfedale’s left winger Bradley Viner hands who again ran in unopposed.

There was a ten-minute lull in what was a fairly manic first half, but when attacking the Wharfedale line on half way Blaydon lost the ball in contact and the ball found itself in the hands of Wharfedale right winger Hamilton who kicked ahead and won the chase to score his third try.

Half Time: Blaydon 7 v Wharfedale 31

The 2nd half started at a different pace to the first and remained at a stalemate for nearly 30 minutes. Both teams working hard to break each other down but the last pass letting each team down.

The first score was the harsh result of an excellent Blaydon break by Bailey who was well supported by Clark and he took Blaydon deep in the Wharfedale 22 but a loose pass by Scrum half Clarkson found the ball in Rian Hamilton’s hands and he ran in unopposed for his 4th try of the game.

Finally the 2nd half sprung into life, and just a few minutes later Blaydon were in the Wharfedale 22 but they had lost possession but this time the generosity was from Wharfedale who threw and interception pass to Jack Appleton for Blaydon’s 2nd try.

This seemed to rally Blaydon and just 2 minutes later a break by Dan Marshall worked the ball out to debutant Evan Lawther to score his first senior try for Blaydon.

This spell of domination continued and again Blaydon pushed dale back toward their own line, this time with forwards hammering away at the Dale line, and it was Prop Sam Laidler who went over for the home teams 4th and bonus point try.

On the whole a frustrating afternoon for Blaydon who gifted Wharfedale 4 of their 6 tries.

Full Time: Blaydon 24 v Wharfedale 38


Blaydon: Appleton, Ashman, Marshall, Clark, Lawther, Dowell, Clarkson, Fearn, Chaplin, Dodds, Wright, Charlton, Hall-Lyon, Harrison, Clarke.

Replacements: Winter, Laidler, Phillips, Horsfall, Bailey


Wharfedale: Davidson, Hamilton, Bullough, Blakeney-Edwards, Viner, Davidson, McNab, Beesley, Stockdale, Dickinson, Green, Borrill, Stockton, Carlson, Burridge

Replacements: Altham, Wells, Jackson, Moore, Kaup-Samuels


REFEREE:   Elliott Lewis


STAR MAN:  Wharfedale – Rian Hamilton




Tries:  Ashman 9, Appleton 74, Lawther 76, Laidler 79

Conversions: Dowell 10, Horsfall 80




Tries:  Hamilton 6, 17, 36, 70  McNab 14, Viner 21

Conversions: Davidson 7, 18, 22, 71