Blaydon Development 8 – Horden 6

22 players named in the squad on Thursday night, but 4 missing down the Swalwell tunnel meant 18 turned out, two of the lads making their senior debuts LIAM and FRAZER WRIGHT, TWINS. Trouble was 8 players were back row.

On an awful Saturday we elected to kick up field .The wind, rain and mud ensured up the jumper rugby HORDEN looked the better team, but the individual skill and determination of the young Blaydon side kept the away team at bay until on 10 minutes an infringement in a ruck gave Horden a penalty, which they should have ran but they elected to kick for 3 points.

A slow start from Blaydon saw 10 minutes pass by before we began to gain territory from the catch and drive allowing us to move into an attacking position. 7 meters out on 20 minutes we were awarded a scrum; our front row led by FOZZY forced the Horden scrum to collapse. Unfortunately as everyone got back on their feet the Horden hooker remained on the floor, Doctor Orrick was called over from the first team game, just to make safe and the lad was taken to hospital by ambulance. We have contacted Horden and they have said he will make a complete recovery.

Both teams returned to the changing rooms to thaw oot. This all took over 20 minutes and the light was beginning to fade so it was decided to swap around and play the second half.  All the play was centred around the middle of the field the conditions preventing free flowing rugby.  Most of our success was coming from the catch and drive. After 20 minutes of the second half we began to edge ahead   driving 10 to 15 meters up field. Disciplined mauling, allowed Sanders playing at 9 to scramble over the line for a try 5-3.

We thought we had turned the game but at the break downs we became sloppy and the penalty count began to mount against us. Into the last 10 minutes and we gave away another penalty 10 meters out in front of our posts 5 -6. The pressure was now on us. 6 minutes left, and a Horden player joined the maul from the side. Sanders picked the ball intending to run. Changing his mind, Blaydon decided to kick for goal 25 meters out 10 meters from touch line 3 minutes left. It was worth a go DEAN kicked the ball straight through the posts 8-6. Into the last 2 minutes and in possession game won BUT hanging on to the ball gave Horden one last kick at goal, falling just short of the posts for us to nick the win.

Good performance from both LIAM and FRAZER on their first senior outing