Blaydon Development 72 – Novos 7

Another grey freezing day and lots of changes from last week. Toddy back to sea, Scott broken leg, Sam and Dale ill with man flu and 3 no shows. However posh was back from uni and young Haiden an under 18 colt turned up, returning from a long term injury to play 20 mins, his first taste of senior rugby. The plan: win the game, then play for the bonus point. From the kick off it was one way traffic, taking our time, moving up the pitch and releasing the ball to score at the right time from the best position the talk was great, Scott kept the front row fired up Vinni directed the forwards in the loose-dean kept the backs informed and Hamma kept watch over everyone from the fullback position pointing out what needed to be done. It was an excellent game to watch with a noticeable performance by big Steve Dryden playing his best game yet at 2nd row and young Haiden never looked out of place, when he took to the field . A time line of the game follows:

6 mins try stracks 5-0
8 mins try jack converted jack 12-0
15 mins try hamma 17-0
19 mins try si carr converted jack 24-0
35 mins try surrey 29-0
37 mins try marty converted jack 36-0 

Half time.

45 mins try lee 41-0
50 mins try marty 46-0 novo
55 mins don’t give up and score on converted 46-7.
60 mins try dean 51-7
64 mins try marty converted jack 58-7.
75 mins try ryan convery converted jack 65-7
There was one more converted try at some point but we missed it.