Blaydon Development 63 – Novos 20

Availability was again a problem. Since last time out 2 weeks ago we had lost 7 more players 2 of them to the second team leaving the cupboard bare, there wasn’t a spare player in the club. Despite the return of Ryan lynch on leave from the army and the return of Calum Forsyth from university we were well down in numbers, so a big thanks goes out to Scott Finlay for not only putting in a fine captains performance today, but for taking the time out to round up players from thin air, 2 of them arriving with less than 5 mins to kick off. It’s been a loss to the club that last year’s  u18s were binned, 3 of these lads were from that squad  coached by Scott so he knew the quality of the players he was  bringing in.

At 2:30 pm both teams were out, warming up, or in our case 1 1  Blaydon players were basking in the sun watching 20 odd Novos players going through their routine, it was going to be a tough day. 2:40pm Ryan Denhome followed by Charlie arrive.  At 2:45pm 13 Blaydon players make their way to the pitch behind the stand. 2:55pm and 2 more players run from the changing rooms across to the pitch Finaz had delivered the goods. With less than 5 mins to go, we had our 15.

The top pitch for once was in very good nick it was hot and very bright. The whistle blown and we were off to a flying start Novos under pressure from the start. To those watching Blaydon looked like a team that had been playing together for years not 5 minutes. Once again the impressive Blaydon pack bossed the game up front setting up the backs looking equally impressive to strike. In defence the Blaydon backs were up on their opposite man in their space preventing them from moving the ball the tackle going in and the chasing back row of Charlie and Calum tuning the ball over. Our front row of Fozzy, Finaz and Ryan backed up by Mogaas at 8 and our utility player Joe who can play at any position asked, paired with glen at 2nd row overwhelmed the athletic looking Novos.

This was a great game to watch, Blaydon scoring 9 tries all converted by Joe why i man back at 10. Some of these kicks where from the corner flag and very difficult, but all sailed over. Ryan and Adam in the centre    Martin and Scott on the wings and Haiden at full back all played a part in a complete team performance.

With 15 minutes remaining the heat and lack of replacements gave Novos who had never given up the chance to score 2 tries. One last rally by Blaydon gave the home team the final try .

Final score Blaydon 63 – Novos 20