Blaydon Bricks 56, Border Park 10

Big thanks to Border Park for travelling with 11 men and ensuring we had a game. Thanks also to Rob Pyle and Alex for playing the whole game for Border Park and Ian, Damien, Paul and Anth for playing a half each

Also big thanks to ex Bricks players Surrey and Bumbum who are playing eslewhere now, but turned out to make sure we got a side out, also thanks to Coyney for guesting on the day.

Trys; Nathan 2, Stu R, Surrey 2, Coyney 2, Richard, Scotty
Conv; Divers 3 and the first ever timeout of a conversion I’ve ever seen.

So the highs and lows:

– Surrey passed to Bubum heading for the line, he was so shocked Surrey passed he dropped it
– Stu Reay outrages dummy on the 22 was taken by Border and he trotted in
– Stu R sends out a daisy cutter and Ryan knocks it on
– Surrey shouting for ball, it drops straight thro his hands..
– Divers great off load to Coyney whose line beats everyone and runs in
– Richard takes a line kick and spirals it into touch, Phil was trying to wrestle it off him
– Adam makes a god break and then gets a dead a*se as he is taken down
– Phil at full back decide to dummy the inside pass to Coyney and then gets clouted but Anth playing for Border
– Rob Pyle playing for Border puts in some crunching tackles
– Cliff does a good job of anticipating the game, code words for hanging about in the backs getting his breath back
– Stu R carried of the pitch, he was told to take it easy and we loose our scrum half the week before a cup match, his response was, you didn’t say take it easy, you just said i was coming off at half time.
– Stu Bailey taking over at scrum half from Stu R takes a quick tap, well doesn’t really but gets away with it
– Pointed out Coyney new job, water boy for the Bricks, good response from the guy – ‘happy to do what ever it takes’. He had an outstanding game, come back to Blaydon soon.
– Must mention Phil juggling in the 22
– Anth nearly scored for Border, but he dropped it – sure it was the pass
– Second half starts with Windy juggling a pass from Phil
– Ryans tackle near the line put the border 6 up in the air
– Surrey passes again ( has an alien took over or Surrey) Coyney thro’ and pulled back for forward, we decided Coyney was too quick for him
– Switch in the middle and Divers picks a great line and carves though from just outside our 22 to score
– Restart ball to Finnas, Cliff shouts for the pass and Finnas watches the ball drop to the floor. on Cliff enquiring after the game he said paul winter told hm it was dangerous catching kick offs….. bit GB missed off was, that was only if you had very short arms.
– Ref joins in on the fun and blows the whistle and times Divers out during his conversion
– Bumbum takes an offload from richard and runs it in from half way and then winges in the bar that Rob Pyle kept stopping him from scoring
– The final point of note has to be Stu Bailey’s box kick from near our line, think about what could go wrong with a box kick and it did – he’s barred from kicking now.

1. Finnas
2. BumBum
3. Ryan
4. Adam Knox
5. Surrey. Cliff
6. Richard
7. Stu
8. Windy (Harry )
9. Stu Reay (Stu Bailey)
10. Coyney
11. Damien Shaw (Anthony)
12. Nathan Somersall U18s
13. Divers
14. Paul Dingley (Ian Bennie)
15. Phil Rayson