The BIG weekend! – NatWest Rugby Force comes to Blaydon Rugby Club

On Saturday July 8th and Sunday July 9th as a club weare holding a BIG weekend of activities under the banner of NatWest Rugby Force. This means that, just like the famous TV series ‘GroundForce’, we want our club community to come together over 2 days and lend a hand to spruce up and improve our clubhouse and grounds. Gather together for a bit of work and a bit of fun – whatever your age or gender! We have won a bid for a small grant from NatWest Rugby Force to help us do this but all depends upon support from our friends and members.

There are lots of jobs we could do but the primary aims are to paint and refresh the changing rooms and ‘corridor’ areas around the changing rooms – both upstairs and downstairs in the clubhouse. Also the gym upstairs in the clubhouse. Beyond that, there are lots of other jobs that could be done – from tidying and sorting the 2 storage containers / outer buildings, digging some foundations for new 2nd team pitch dugouts and painting the white ‘stones’ in the car park to deep cleaning shower areas and a bit of gardening. You may even have spotted some other manageable jobs that need doing – if so, let us know by contacting Phil Partington (Grumpy) – by e mail  or via the  Phil Partington on facebook.

The plan for the 2 days is as follows…

Saturday 8th July

8.35 ko – the 3rd and final test between the All Blacks and the British & Irish Lions will be shown on the big screen in the clubhouse. Details of this have already been sent out. Entry is via an discretionary £2 entry fee, for which you get free tea / coffee and a sausage sarny for breakfast. The bar will, of course, be open. Should be a great start to the weekend!

The match should finish around 10.30am and, as the room is being used straight after, we will move downstairs – outside if the weather is fine. A few people will be asked to help our bar staff tidy / sort the upstairs room as we leave.

10.30am – groups of 3 or 4 are needed to paint each changing room. The walls and floors should have been prepared by then so the rooms should be ready and waiting.  We have 6 rooms to do so that will need 24 people. Feel free to organise your own groups – again just let Grumpy know.  If we have more people (hopefully we will!) or people would prefer not to paint, we can then allocate some of the other jobs.

12.30 pm approx. – a free BBQ for the workers.  A couple of volunteers will be needed to run this as well.

Afternoon – continue with the work and hopefully finish the changing rooms so that painting can begin in the ‘corridor’ areas.

Around 4 pm – knock off and relax!


During the day we will also aim to have some small jobs that our younger members can join in and feel part of the club and event. We are also aiming to run some fun activities and games for youngsters and families. More detail about this later.


If you are between 14 and 25 taking part in the BIG Blaydon RFC weekend can count towards Young Rugby Ambassadors Awards. Details for signing up for this scheme are given below but basically you can earn rewards and exclusive YRA stash! You can certainly get a T-shirt and certificate just for a full weekend’s participation in this event and you will be on your way to much more. See the website for details:




Sunday 8th July

We will start later after the Car Boot Sale has finished. Meet at 12pm in the clubhouse.

The work schedule will be determined by how much we get done on the Saturday and what needs to be finished off but again we will look to put on a BBQ at around 4pm to finish the weekend off.


So… what do you need to do?

  • If at all possible let Grumpy know you will be taking part as this will help with planning and catering. However – just turn up either day, for all, or part of each day – at any time – if you can join in.
  • The first 25 people to let Grumpy know they are coming (and actually turn up!) will get a very snazzy NatWest Rugby Force t shirt. Your size not guaranteed though!
  • Turn up in work gear!
  • Bring paintbrushes / rollers etc if you have any we can use (and carrier bags to put them in afterwards!). Gardening tools also if that is a job you have let us know you would like. Donations of cleaning materials for doing the shower areas would also be appreciated.
  • We need some nice bedding plants if anyone has some they can donate.
  • If anyone has particular ‘professional standard’ skills they are willing to donate and we can use please let us know. We are, in particular, looking for someone to rub down and refurbish the upstairs bar but anything would be welcome. Even if not appropriate for this weekend it would be great to have a ‘register’ of skilled volunteers we could approach to help with all sorts of jobs and projects – business, office and ‘rugby’ based as well as to help maintain the building and grounds.
  • Finally, any other donations to help support this weekend would be really appreciated. Materials and resources, drinks for the workers, goodies for the kids – anything considered and appreciated. If you are thinking of a bigger club ‘sponsorship’ such as a board let Grumpy know and he will put you in touch with the right people to sort this out.


Look forward to hearing from you and seeing you over the BIG Blaydon RFC weekend!