BRFC are delighted to announce that Frazer Wilson is joining the Academy Coaching Team this season as an Assistant Coach to work alongside Justin, Steven, Keith and Paul. Frazer is a familiar face to most around the club and a first team regular. For those of you who don’t know Frazer well, here is an excellent Q&A to give you an insight into the new addition to the Academy set up.

-Name: Frazer Wilson

-Age: 27

-Position’s Played: Wing, centre, back row, currently hooker

-Highest level played: Falcons A team

-Clubs Played for: Gateshead, Ryton (Both Juniors), Blaydon

-Role Model & Why: Dorian Yates (6x Mr Olympia).

People may roll their eyes at a bodybuilder.

But as a guy who grew up in Birmingham in the 60’s & 70’s with very little. He decided to turn his energy into bodybuilding which requires huge self discipline and dedication.

He went about his business quietly training in England, then burst on to the stage in America and shocked the world with his incredible physique and his story to go with it.

His attitude to life alone, is why i see him as a fantastic role model for whom I have looked up to for years.

-Coaching philosophy: Work hard. Give your all. Don’t be scared to try something outside of the box.

-What do you like about Blaydon?

Coming from Gateshead, Blaydon isn’t my hometown club. However it certainly feels that way. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly.

Failure or success in any team at Blaydon feels like it affects the club as a whole, because we are so tightly knit.


-Why did you take this role? I think development as rugby players and as young people at this particular age is so important. I hope I can have an impact on everyone involved to not only become better rugby players, to learn, love and enjoy the game, but to become better people along the way.

-Any other comments?

I can’t wait to get started as this is my first official coaching role.

Thank you

BRFC would like to wish Frazer all the best in his new role and we see this as a great appointment moving forward with the Academy.